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Crush the Slot cars with Anki OverDrive Super Trucks

If you haven’t already heard about the Anki Overdrive remake of the Slot Cars of our Youth, these toys update the slot cars of our youth.  With IOS or Android Control, virtual weapons, and intelligent tracks what more could be done to make these toys more fun for both kids and adults alike.

If you’re not already familiar with the Anki Overdrive line of toys you can review their full line up at their website Anki Overdrive.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit


See below the jump for exactly how they give you the option to Crush the Competition!


8 BATTLEFIELDS Right out of the box, 10 Anki OVERDRIVE track pieces allow you to build and rebuild up to 8 epic battlefields in seconds.
GroundShock's Thunderbolt Core lets it electrify the track with split-second maneuvering and lightning-fast attacks. Don’t be in the way when it unleashes its electric blasts. It shoots first and aims later.
GroundShock’s Thunderbolt Core lets it electrify the track with split-second maneuvering and lightning-fast attacks. Don’t be in the way when it unleashes its electric blasts. It shoots first and aims later.
Skull’s Pirate Core lets it sail across the track at high speed while its plasma cannon rips through enemy hulls. Watch out for this down and dirty warrior that plays by its own rules.
Skull’s Pirate Core lets it sail across the track at high speed while its plasma cannon rips through enemy hulls. Watch out for this down and dirty warrior that plays by its own rules.











Anko Overdrive Steps it up with the introduction of the SuperTrucks!

FREEWHEEL Don't let Freewheel's smooth exterior fool you; he's packing a world of hurt. Get too close and you'll be torn apart by his Gravity Trap.
Don’t let Freewheel’s smooth exterior fool you; he’s packing a world of hurt. Get too close and you’ll be torn apart by his Gravity Trap.


SuperTrucks are nearly three times the size of Supercars, and use their heft, weapons and new control system to dominate the track. But SuperTrucks are more than just oversized vehicles, they come with access to a new game mode and Commanders.

With Supertrucks, everything about Anki OVERDRIVE just got bigger.

X52 Big, mean and savage, X52 hits hard and takes no prisoners! Stay out of his way or you’ll be blasted off the track by his Pulse Ram.


With the addition of the Supertrucks, Anki also introduced a new racing mode.  Takeover mode allows you or your competition to overcome the SuperTruck’s AI, and control the action.  The first to do enough damage gets the Big Rig!


Anki OVERDRIVE NUKE – Expansion CarExclusive weapons: Decimator, Disintegrator, Fuel Bomb.

Exclusive weapons: Decimator, Disintegrator, Fuel Bomb.

Anki Nuke on

ANKI THERMO Expansion SuperCar!



Don’t get burned by ANKI THERMO’s Exclusive Weapons!

  • Exclusive weapons: Flamethrower, Afterburner, Radiant Beam.
    Jump over to see the reviews on this Expansion Super Car
    72 Positive Reviews on Amazon!
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Dim Laptop LED Screen – F1 or F8 Fuse just below the motherboard video connector

________UPDATE September 2016___________

Update – I’ve moved this post from the old location at
For those looking for assistance on finding the fuse on Various models, Please provide photos near the LCD Connecter, but also near where the power charger plugs in. I am seeing the possibility that some fuses may be located over near that area.
This applies to Dell, Sony and many other manufacturers of laptops with LED based screens.

These issues are also commonly search on as no backlight.  In most cases when you know the screen is good, it will be a power issue from the motherboard causing the backlight to fail to power up.

On the motherboard you should find a fuse labeled f1 in the case of dells, that is approximately .8 mm in depth, and 1.55 to 1.6mm in length. This fuse protects the voltage circuit to the led’s. in the case of a dell inspiron 1545, it is a 3 amp, 32v fuse, that can be replaced relatively cheaply. Make sure tho that you have isolated the cause of the fuse blowing. Good luck!

The Fuse is located on the Dell Inspiron‘s just below where the led video cable connects to the motherboard.
Use a Continuity Tester or Multimeter to confirm whether or not it has blown.  If you find any other fuses or different locations, feel free to comment, or even link to pictures of other fuse locations and I’ll approve them.

For other manufacturer’s the location is not so obvious unfortunately.

Sony Vaio VGN-TX5XN Possible Fuse locations for either LCD or charging. The two that are circled need to be tested for continuity.

sony motherboard fuse locations

SONY vaio No Backlight PCG-6121M
SONY vaio No Backlight PCG-6121M

ASus K53

Dell XPS 1701 with blown mosfet?

looks to have a blown component but its not a fuse.



If you post a comment with photo’s, take the time to make sure that when zoomed in the component labels are still legible. The components that have to be viewed need to be as sharp as possible, with as little glare as possible.

1 tip is to balance the phone on a stack of books or something to help steady it, and take the photos in smaller sections, overlap them just enough that I can make out where one stops and another begins.


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Solved: Samsung RV515 Dim Laptop Screen Blown MOSFET

I recently helped a visitor to another blog I host troubleshoot his Samsung RV515.  The guest had uploaded numerous photo’s of his motherboard to imageshack, and I perused them quite diligently.

Unfortunately I was not able to spot a fuse though on other systems such as DELL, and Sony the fuses are somewhat easy to spot.  Recently though I have gotten better at identifying possible MOSFET’s that have blown, or at least the one’s that need to be tested.  In this case I pointed my guest in the write direction and he came back with a positive result.

So below you will see a photo of the blown MOSFET on the Samsung RV515 Motherboard that caused his Laptop screen to go dim.  The yellow arrow indicates the bad component, on the backside of the motherboard almost directly opposite the led connector on the other side.

Samsung RV515 showing blown MOSFET that caused Dim LED Screen
This motherboard blew a mosfet causing the screen to dim. Though often times people think their screen has gone bad more often than not a fuse or mosfet has blown.
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Blizzard Registers

Speculation is circulating across the web as to whether this acquisition relates to a future WOW Expansion or some new project they are getting ready to launch. Either way we anticipate that further news could be a considerable distance out since Blizzard often keeps things under wraps when it comes to their future plans.

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iPad 2 Bad 4R7 Coil Causes Dim or Dark Screen

iPad 4R7 Backlight coil
Location of iPad 4R7 backlight coil

If you have a dim or dark screen on  your iPad device, then there is a possibility that the coil that fires up the backlight is faulty or burnt out.  In order to test this you will need to disassemble  your iPad 2 and access the 4R7 coil to see if this is the cause of the failure.  Now if you have an iPhone 4 it has a 6R8 Coil  you will need to test it to determine if this is the cause of your faulty iPhone 4 screen.  Any multi-meter should do the trick.  see the photo to identify the 4R7 Coil Location.

Feel free to comment below, or link to photos of your failed backlight coils.  I would be glad to have some extra photos showing my readers personal success stories.

This coil is susceptible to failure if your iPad screen is damaged or broken in a fall.  If the screen shorts its power connection during its replacement it will cause a surge in the 4R7 coil resulting in failure.  The only way to resolve this issue is to then either replace the coil. Or the logic board on which it resides.

I have also included a photo of the iPad mini backlight location.

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Amazon Free App of the Day – Twinz

Twinz! – Ad-Free
Concentration Style Match Game

If you have wanted an updated version of concentration to play on your smartphone then here you go.

This little app will allow you to kill a little time, while improving your memory.

Twinz! is a memory concentration game in which you flip pairs of tiles. When the images behind the doors match, they remain open and play continues, but if they do not match, the doors close. Remembering the pictures behind the doors is the key to earning points and advancing to the next level.
An App that Changes your Sudoku Experience

Unlike many traditional memory games, Twinz! features timed play, five distinct levels, three difficulty settings, and allows you to share your scores with other players around the world.

With the ability to share your scores this game brings in the aspect of competitive play, providing the user an opportunity to not just challenge themselves but to challenge others.

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NWA PC HELP now has it’s own home

NWA PC HELP is offering On-site and Remote Support Services

If you live in the NW Arkansas Area, I can help you with on-site or drop-off service,

If you live anywhere in the english speaking world, and just need a tune-up or virus removal.

Or just need a little training, I offer remote support options. Jump on over and check us out!

Find us with more information, and news at

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Lenovo Dim Backlight – Solved

If you have a lenovo laptop with a Dim Backlight, and a LED Screen, the cause is most likely a blown fuse on the motherboard.  In most cases newer laptops, are using an LED’s instead of CCFL‘s, which negates the need of an Invertor, so now manufacturers are placing a fuse on the motherboard, to protect the screen from surges.  However sometimes a momentary problem can blow this fuse, and kill power to the screen rendering the computer unusable.  however with a little time, and a lot of heat (soldering) you can replace this puppy.  Jump over to this post to get the link for the FUSE you need.

SMD FUSE Sources