Jul 142012

Twinz! – Ad-Free
Concentration Style Match Game

If you have wanted an updated version of concentration to play on your smartphone then here you go.

This little app will allow you to kill a little time, while improving your memory.

Twinz! is a memory concentration game in which you flip pairs of tiles. When the images behind the doors match, they remain open and play continues, but if they do not match, the doors close. Remembering the pictures behind the doors is the key to earning points and advancing to the next level.
An App that Changes your Sudoku Experience

Unlike many traditional memory games, Twinz! features timed play, five distinct levels, three difficulty settings, and allows you to share your scores with other players around the world.

With the ability to share your scores this game brings in the aspect of competitive play, providing the user an opportunity to not just challenge themselves but to challenge others.

Jan 222012

NWA PC HELP is offering On-site and Remote Support Services

If you live in the NW Arkansas Area, I can help you with on-site or drop-off service,

If you live anywhere in the english speaking world, and just need a tune-up or virus removal.

Or just need a little training, I offer remote support options. Jump on over and check us out!

Find us with more information, and news at http://www.nwapchelp.com

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Aug 312011

Angry Birds Seasons  will be getting a September update Moon Festival modeled after the Chinese Season, but North America won’t be getting it first. The developer Rovio has established itself in China with new offices and new plans for their second biggest market including giving the Chinese first dibs on the next Seasons update.

Moon Festival is based on the Chinese mid-Autumn festival which includes elements familiar to Westerners such as paper lanterns and moon cakes. Though little is known about the actual gameplay of the Moon Festival episode, Rovio is marketing Angry Birds-themed moon cakes to the Chinese citizenry.

Angry Birds Seasons: Moon Festival should launch in September in China then worldwide. Rovio has not indicated how many levels, Golden Eggs, or Bosses their will be.

Aug 232011

Well August has come, and is almost gone, and no Angry Birds Update. Maybe after Labor Day, will we see blue birds, and yellow birds and Rio Birds fly!  Until then, post a comment on how many tries it took to get past 8-2.  It only took me oh about 75!

Jul 272011
Will Robson, Nottingham Carnival costume

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Angry Birds Rio, has released an update this July, and I’m downloading it now, we’ll see if it contains the second half of Carnival!