Feb 222013

I recently helped a visitor to another blog I host troubleshoot his Samsung RV515.  The guest had uploaded numerous photo’s of his motherboard to imageshack, and I perused them quite diligently.

Unfortunately I was not able to spot a fuse though on other systems such as DELL, and Sony the fuses are somewhat easy to spot.  Recently though I have gotten better at identifying possible MOSFET’s that have blown, or at least the one’s that need to be tested.  In this case I pointed my guest in the write direction and he came back with a positive result.

So below you will see a photo of the blown MOSFET on the Samsung RV515 Motherboard that caused his Laptop screen to go dim.  The yellow arrow indicates the bad component, on the backside of the motherboard almost directly opposite the led connector on the other side.

Samsung RV515 showing blown MOSFET that caused Dim LED Screen

This motherboard blew a mosfet causing the screen to dim. Though often times people think their screen has gone bad more often than not a fuse or mosfet has blown.