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For those looking for assistance on finding the fuse on Various models, Please provide photos near the LCD Connecter, but also near where the power charger plugs in. I am seeing the possibility that some fuses may be located over near that area.
This applies to Dell, Sony and many other manufacturers of laptops with LED based screens.

These issues are also commonly search on as no backlight.  In most cases when you know the screen is good, it will be a power issue from the motherboard causing the backlight to fail to power up.

On the motherboard you should find a fuse labeled f1 in the case of dells, that is approximately .8 mm in depth, and 1.55 to 1.6mm in length. This fuse protects the voltage circuit to the led’s. in the case of a dell inspiron 1545, it is a 3 amp, 32v fuse, that can be replaced relatively cheaply. Make sure tho that you have isolated the cause of the fuse blowing. Good luck!

The Fuse is located on the Dell Inspiron‘s just below where the led video cable connects to the motherboard.
Use a Continuity Tester or Multimeter to confirm whether or not it has blown.  If you find any other fuses or different locations, feel free to comment, or even link to pictures of other fuse locations and I’ll approve them.

For other manufacturer’s the location is not so obvious unfortunately.

Sony Vaio VGN-TX5XN Possible Fuse locations for either LCD or charging. The two that are circled need to be tested for continuity.

sony motherboard fuse locations

SONY vaio No Backlight PCG-6121M

SONY vaio No Backlight PCG-6121M

ASus K53

Dell XPS 1701 with blown mosfet?

looks to have a blown component but its not a fuse.



If you post a comment with photo’s, take the time to make sure that when zoomed in the component labels are still legible. The components that have to be viewed need to be as sharp as possible, with as little glare as possible.

1 tip is to balance the phone on a stack of books or something to help steady it, and take the photos in smaller sections, overlap them just enough that I can make out where one stops and another begins.


  269 Responses to “Dim Laptop LED Screen – F1 or F8 Fuse just below the motherboard video connector”

  1. Hi,

    This post is the closest I’ve found on the issue I am facing! The LCD on my Lenovo T400s is dim after replacement. I have confirmed it is not the backlight nor the inverter (I’ve tried two new LCDs with the same result). All suggests it is the backlight fuse on the motherboard. The problem is that I don’t know where the fuse is. I would appreciate if you could comment on the picture from the following link and suggest which one of the boxes might be the fuse I am looking for.

    Many thanks!

    • I’ve been doing laptop repairs for many years. After facing a few of these LED backlight issues and failing I did some research and found that the power coming directly from the motherboard is so high and with some Amps that it could potentially de solder the F1 fuse from the motherboard. Check continuity and it’s good, but a microscopic gap prevents it from connecting to the motherboard. Re heat that sucker with a soldering iron or close the gap with a staple. EF’en works! Hope this helps my fellow techs. It sure ate up some of my cash trying to solve with new LED screens, now won’t cost a penny. This will not solve actual screen issues, but keep a good LED screen handy for test.

    • Hello I have a Sony VPCEA36FM model PCG-61317L. The only F fuses that I see are F18 and F3 and no N or H on top of it. Could it be either one?

      • HI, I have the same model Sony as you do. Did you ever get an answer, or figure out a solution? I’ve replaced the LCD screen and have been able to get the laptop to work with an external monitor, and on the actual laptop screen you can barely see the screen if you shine a flashlight on the screen. I’m trying to figure out what to do next. Thanks! : )

      • More than likely this is the correct fuse that you need to test for continuity. If you have continuity on both, then your issue is most likely not related to this fuse issue.

    • de casualidad tendras informacion de unalaptop sony vaio modelo svs13a15glb

  2. The piece I edited to point at has an F on it. this should be the fuse.

  3. I have this problem on my 1545 (i think) and I have a CCFL. I will try the fix though to be sure.

    • On a CCFL board, you should have what is called an invertor. that is between the motherboard and the screen. think of it as the ballast for a fluoroscent light. This is what provides ramped up voltage to light up the screen. if you can see the output but it is very dim. It is either the bulbs or the invertor. The Invertor is the cheaper of the two fixes.

  4. Um… I jumpered the fuse (says ‘P’ on it btw) and well….sparks….poof of smoke…….and BLAM. The mother f**ker WORKS. This was a tough diagnoses, Cant say I would have found it and I repair electronics for a living. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Can anyone provide a link to a replacement fuse they have used to fix this?

  6. update….my repair has lasted on my dell for over a month now, Just used a bead of solder….thanks again!!!!!!

  7. I’m trying to locate the LED backlight fuse on Gateway NV79 LP 5881P Motherboard but I can’t find it.

    Below is the link of the picture that i took with my camera. Showing the back side of LED connector on the motherboard.

    And this is the picture of the only fuse I can find on the motherboard right next to VGA and HDMI out.

    • Daniel, you did locate one of the fuses. Can you provide a screenshot where the Cable Harness plugs into the motherboard, maybe three to four inches around it also. If there is a fuse it should be near there.

      • Thank you for the quick reply.

        This is the photo of the LED connector

        and this is the back side of the connector

        • Daniel,

          Look near L9, and L10, those look suspiciously like fuses, though they don’t have the traditional markings. I’m still not seeing the actual LCD harness connection in that first screen shot, but what you need now is a continuity connector/multimeter, basically something that will tell you if the fuse is allowing any kind of current to pass.
          in a pinch I’ve even done this with a headlamp style flashlight. It’s a little tricky and takes about five minutes to build.
          take the battery cover off of a headlamp.
          remove one of the batteries.
          Take three pieces of wire with the ends stripped.
          Take wire one, and tape(or otherwise secure it) it to the negative pole inside the battery compartment, and then to the negative pole of the battery.
          Take wire two, and tape(or otherwise secure it) it to the positive pole of the battery.
          Take wire three, and tape(or otherwise secure it) it to the positive pole inside the battery compartment.
          Test it by turning on the headlamp, then touch the two bare ends together. if the light comes on you now have a continuity tester.
          touch the bare wires to the opposite ends of any component that appears to be a fuse, if the headlamp comes on its good.

          Now here’s the trick, it needs to be a fuse or a capacitor for this to work, there may be components or chips that do not allow current to flow through unless they are activated. so basically test the three we suspect first. if that doesn’t work, take pictures of all pieces of you motherboard both sides, so I can visually inspect every inch of it for you.

  8. i just replaced my sceen and all of a sudden the damn thing is dim im thinking its also the fuse btw its a dell inspiron 1545 how would i jump the fuse?? or where can i buy one i have been looking everywhere! pls help

    • Jumping the fuse takes soldering iron, and a steady hand. If you are experienced enough to desolder the old one, then you can also jumper it. Replacing it probably is more trouble then it is worth. When the blow it is usually from a misaligned connector, Make sure the cable harness on the back of your screen is fully seated! before applying power

  9. can anyone tell me where the fuse is by on an acer/emachines 250 kav60

  10. Hello I think I am having the same problem’s I have a gateway 3522. I have tested the screen on another laptop it lights up fine i have bought 2 inverters and a new inverter wire still the screen is dark. I am able to shine a light on the screen and can see the gateway screen but I am unable to find the fuse on the mobo if any one could help I would appreciate it. The mobo says W320PM.

  11. Hmm the screen tested fine on another laptop and when i plug a external monitor in it works.

  12. Oh and i hooked another back light to the inverter and got nothing is it possible i got 2 bad inverters? Do inverters get warm to the touch?

    • That is definitely strange then, the chances of getting 2 bad invertors are extremely slim.
      it is possible that the laptop isn’t putting power to the invertor, and it is extremely tough to test whether the laptop is sending power to the inverter, with standard multi-meters.

      And external monitor will still work because this isn’t a graphics chip issue.

      At this point, I would look up a company called Tampa Bay Laptops, they repair issues like this at the board level. They will call and quote prior to the actual repair. so you are not obligated to pay to get a quote.

      • Update on Dim Screen for Dell’s, I just recently had a laptop come in with dim screen, that was the CCFL Type, this screen happened to have a bad cable, and Invertor, grr! Anyhow with a lot of swapped invertors, and a new cable I finally proved all the problems. I believe the short in the cable, burnt out the invertor.

  13. Thanks for the info at this point I have no clue with the screen testing good on another laptop and the external monitor working it doesn’t make sense. I did talk to the guy i got the inverters from on ebay and hes sending me another if it doesn’t work I am giving up. It is not worth the time or effort its just to old. But thanks again for the help.

  14. Hi,
    I am having this same issue with a Toshiba Satelite c660D laptop, when changing the screen I didn’t remove the battery and now the dim LED screen appears. I got a spark when connecting the LED screen cable to the new screen and presume I blew a Fuse somewhere.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can’t seem to find the correct fuse to bypass.
    Does anyone know where I could get a manual for the Motherboard which would help me locate the correct fuse for the LED.

  15. Hello,

    i have same issue with an HP 635 laptop. Can you show me where i can find the fuse?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Best regards from Germany,


    • Great picture, unfortunately I’m not seeing a fuse. There is a chance it is on the underside of the board. Not a huge chance, but still some. If you want to pull it and photo the other side I’ll take a look again.

  16. Silly question, but just for grins, when you hook back up the old screen, that was broken but shows light, I assume it no longer shows the light???

    As a note, to all readers!! these connector pins are so much thinner than the ccfl type connectors, that being off, and not seated 100 percent squared, even a little bit, will cause a short across the power pins blowing a fuse, or some other component.

  17. alright since I can’t find any good pictures of the motherboard, anywhere, I have another spot on the mainboard to check, so if you want, load up photo’s on both sides of the motherboard, near where the battery plugs into the board.. If there was going to be a second spot for a fuse, I suspect it would be near where the power comes into the system.

  18. Hi! Thank you for this forum I was able to repair my own laptop. A sony vaio PCG-61411L or VPCCW27FX. Cracked screen but still usable until I open it to see the part number. I forgot to remove the battery. When i replaced back the cracked/old screen its not working anymore. Dim pictures visible only using a flashlight. When i got the new screen, same thing. I did a research here internet. I found out that my laptop has no inverter. Until i stumbled on this forum. Fuse!! Is the problem. Had hard time locating the fuse until i saw it in you tube also replacing his fuse for sony vaio. So my fuse is located right at the back of LVD connector. At the back of the mobo. I used a tester and confirmed no connection. I just jumper it with the solder. Now its working.. I saved hundreds because i just bought my screen from which was only $70 against from sony which is $400. And Sony is not making there own screen. In fact my original screen is made by AUO in China. This is exactly what i got for replacement. Then of course the labor cost if i let Sony company fix my laptop.

    • send me links to photos of your fuse locations and i’ll post them

    • hi have same pcg 61411l vpccw2rgx/b did same as you cracked screen didn’t remove battery now hove no display only with flash light have you clear photo of the blown fuse and any other info many thanks. in England ps fitted new screen aswell still very dim

  19. Has anyone resolved this issue on a acer aspire one d 250 kav 60

  20. i dont know where is f4 fuse in my AH 530 FUJITSU laptop 15,6 inch for the led diming .have some pictures or diagramm

    • With a high resolution picture of the mainboards I may be able to help identify the fuse for you, not all have an obvious fuse unfortunately.

      Fixed my terrible sentence, I was a little tired when I wrote it the first time.

  21. Hi i have a toshiba l655-s5058 with a dim led display. I have already changed the cable and the led screen with new ones but still have a dim display. I dont know where the correct fuse is on the motherboard to check if its blown. Please help. Thanks

  22. Hi can anyone tell me where the fuse or fuses are on a Toshiba L655-s5058 laptop to check for continuity please? I have a dim display and have already replaced the cable and the LED screen. There is no inverter present. So I am left with checking fuses but I do not know which ones and where. Thanks for any help.

    • I’m happy to look over any photo’s of Motherboard, just upload to flickr or somewhere, in the highest resolution possible and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction if possible.

  23. Same problem here
    i have 2 motherboard from 2 lg laptops, almost identical, but i need to fix the first one(2 first photos, front and rear)

    if the screen is installed to the second motherboard(photos below) it works, but because of the differences it can’t be used as a replacement part

    if you can point out the possible fuses in both motherboards i would appreciate it. Maybe I can replace the bad one from parts from the second motherboard
    The problem began after replacing the charger plug of the first motherboard. Although the laptop works the screen display is dim

    thank you for any help you can provide

    regards. Hercules

    ps. very nice topic

  24. Hey there. I’m having the same issue with my Asus K53. I have posted a thread on I can’t seem to find the fuse 🙁

    If you could take a look that would be great! Thanks.

    • The white component near the heat sink copper tubing you have circled in red is definitely a fast-acting fuse, I have seen those while locating similar fuses.

  25. Hello Guys i need your help. i believe i have the same problem with a Toshiba L675d-s7040. the screen was cracked replaced it at first with a wrong screen model and after with the right one. when i was removing the plug i believe i saw a spark on the plug. now with the right screen in it is very dark, you can see the screen when looking at it on a certain angle. please help me locate the fuse that would be much appreciated. pictures below

  26. I’m also having this problem with a Dell Inpspiron 1520. I can’t seem to find the fuse. Any suggestions?

  27. I have the same problem, It works at an external display and the lcd and lcd cable work on another laptop.
    The problem is that i have a sony vaio and it has no inverter, or at least i dont see one like an hp laptop for example. i tried to switch image from external monitor to lcd and it doesnt work. i tried everything. dont know what to do more, Hope you can help.
    I have a Sony Vaio pcg-61813M.

  28. JohnLag – Take a look at the second to last screenshot, the Sony VAIO have their fuses in a strange location this should help guide you in extra places to look. Otherwise send me links to high-res photos of your motherboard and I’ll see if I can spot it.

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    This post has really been active. Please post your motherboard photos here so we can increase our collection.

  30. Fantastic thanks guys… successful bridged my fuse (F15) on sony VPCEA1Z1E (PCG-61211M). Been pulling my hair out for 2 weeks trying to fingure this out.

  31. Hello or a similar problem on my ASUS K50C will not be able to replace the inverter after dispay the backlight is dark might be a problem with the motherboard?, Or read the post and or read that there is’ a fuse that could cause problems I can aiutere ? thank you very much

  32. Hi All

    I am working on a Toshiba C660d and i am not able to find the fuse. The screen has been replaced sinice it was broken. The data cable was very lose.

    Board PWWBE LA-6849P

    Any ideas where the fuse is located?

  33. Hello,

    I hope this thread is still active.
    I want to thank the OP for such an informative article/thread.

    If it’s not to much trouble I have an HP 620 that I am having a heck of I time with.

    Here is a gallery of 34 images of the PCB from all angles.

    I sure as heck couldn’t find anything that said fuse on it, but I figured maybe someone here might be able to point me in the right direction.

    My best guess is D51 as refrenced by the following three pictures.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • I believe your right, that D51 does look blown. most boards unfortunately don’t say fuse.
      i’m assuming you either have no backlight, or no power at all on the board?
      if you have a Multi-Meter with continuity test mode, you may try and test bother d50 and d51 and see if the results are different, as I expect they will be.

  34. Hi guys I have a dell xps studio 1340. And I have the same problem with a dim screen.
    Does anyone know where the fuse is for these laptops. Thanks

  35. Hi I have a Sony Vaio VGN-TX5XN and I have the backlight problem after I’ve tried to change the LED panel (a new one). Do you know where is the fuse on my model? I’ve also hi-res pictures that I can send you, my mail address is tittu82(at) . Thank you and Best Regards!

  36. Hey guys, i have a sony vaio e series motherboard with the same issue discussed here,i have found all of the fuses labeled “Fx” X being a different number and tested them all being between 2.4-3.9 ohms, I believe they had to measure 0 ohms to be working correctly im not sure if that makes any sense because that would mean there wouldnt be any sort of resistance against a certain voltage and or current. I have looked everywhere to buy a replacement fuse. WHERE CAN I BUY THEM FROM???? any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • resistance will be 2-3 ohms for a working fuse for the screen. your multimeter will read 1 ( just like when your not touching anything) for a blown fuse.

      RS components sell them and you also get from ebay.


    Hi here is the images of my dell xps studio 1340.
    Trying to locate the fuse. Thanks

    Hope they are clear enough and the correct pictures, if not i will upload more.

  38. Hello I have a Compaq CQ56-115dx with the LED screen the computer boots up 100% i hear windows going off. But screen is 100% showing nothing through out entire boot process and interestingly i have no external display either working, but i know its booted up. Sound like this is the fuse issue?
    If has anyone located the proper fuse or caps etc to check on this motherboard?

    Thanks for your time.


    • UPDATE EXTERNAL MONITOR WORKS, just had to mess with it a bit.

      Hello I have a Compaq CQ56-115dx with the LED screen the computer boots up 100% i hear windows going off. But screen is 100% showing nothing through out entire boot process and interestingly i have no external display either working, but i know its booted up. Sound like this is the fuse issue?
      If has anyone located the proper fuse or caps etc to check on this motherboard?

      Thanks for your time.


    • Hi. If you have no display on the screen or external it is not a fuse issue. More than likely it is the video chip on the motherboard. Most of the time it can be repaired with a reflow. The problem is that the chip has gotten hot enough for the solder that connects the chip to the board to weaken and separate giving no video signal. I have repaired many laptops with this issue by “baking” the motherboard in the oven at 385 degrees for 8 minutes and letting it slowly cool before taking it out. Then you need to install copper shims and thermal compound to the heatsink and clean any dust from the the fan and heatsink to prevent further overheating.

  39. Thank you! I got my laptop back! If I was still under Warranty I’m sure they would have swapped out the motherboard rather then mess with this tiny little fuse. Dell Inspiron 1750

  40. Hi,
    I am in the UK. I’ve got a LED Samsung Laptop in for repair at the moment but the screen is DIM. I have replaced the screen to no effect. What sort of fuse do I need to repair this? The link in the blog seems to be dead now.

    • On the Samsung make sure you have identified the fuse first. I will fix the link in the next day or so. the link was for a dell fuse, for a samsung it is likely to be different.

  41. Hi! I have a Sony Vaio VGN-TX5XN, my old screen was a little bad so I decided to buy a new led screen from Ebay. It was all fine but, at the moment to change the screen, I have the “no backlight” issue. Here are the photos of the mainboard, can someone suggest me the fuse to check? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Just curious did you remove the battery prior to changing the screen?
      Look at this video for more fuse locations for dim backlight on Sony Vaio’s.

      • To be onest, I removed the connector from the old screen while the notebook was powered on. Do you think that this caused the trouble? Can you see a possible screen fuse on the photos that I posted? Thank you in advance. Best regards.

        • Yes this likely caused the damage to the motherboard, The connections are extremely thin on the newer screens, and when you pull the connect out it is not uncommon to pull it slightly sideways, shorting out the power leads.
          I posted the video below, because on some Sony’s the fuse is on the bottom side of the board, and away from the LCD Connector, The photos you posted are great, and extremely clear, however, I don’t believe there is a fuse shown unless it is the white object to down and to the left of the connector. Just south of the power connection to the motherboard, however that is most likely the fuse for the power coming in from the Wall power.

          • Ok I’ll try to take a look at the bottom side of the motherboard the next monday (the Vaio is proprierty of my boss). I’ll let you know about the issue (I hope) resolution. Thank you so much! P.S. Photos made with my beautiful Samsung Galaxy S2. And posts made with S2 too! 🙂

  42. Hi, I have HP G62-378CA. I have located couple fuses like F1 and F2 on led board and I also located F2 fuse underneath led connector on the maotherboard. The are working I tested them. As far as I understood if there is F2 fuse on the board there should be F1 fuse which I can not locate. I have attached the picture, anyone can tell if I am missing something?

    • I’m not so sure that there will always be an F1 when there is an F2, that most likely refers to a rating for that boards fuses, for ex: the F1 fuse may be rated 1 amp, 32v, and the F2 fuses be .5 amp, and 15v. So there may not be another F1.

      That being said if none of the fuses are blown, you may need to start checking the mosfets, they are the 3 pronged black and 6 prong black circuits at various points on the board. I have seen some pretty melted one’s.

      • Hello! Nice post you’ve got here, it looks like it could save my bacon with a little more help. The lappy is a Dell XPS L701x with spill damage, which appears very isolated to the screen connector area. I cannot locate the F1 fuse or equivalent. Tried a new screen with the same results

      • Ok. Strange thing happening now. I took the risk of getting new led screen and it worked as soon as I connected and powered it up. Now the weird thing is that tonight I powered up my laptop and bam! no backlight again. $##t – fisrt word that came to my mind.
        Next thing I connected the laptop to external display to check and it booted up ok, so I restarted and unplugged hdmi and bam! backlight is back and still on till now. I don’t know what to think. Any thoughts?

        • Make sure the cable routing is good. and doesn’t shift the connect when you open and close it. If the tape that originally held down the led cable isn’t sticking correctly get fresh tape on their, and make sure it is solidly taped in place.
          on another note if you are getting no backlight to the point that you don’t even have a faint image, it may be switching to external monitor automatically.

  43. Help. I have a Toshiba A350 and was testing an inverter. Now the original, which did light up the screen, doesn’t.
    I must have blown a fuse on the motherboard but don’t know where it is located.

    • When it comes to inverters and fuses on the motherboard we haven’t really investigated that in this forum. During my time in the repair shop, I never wasn’t able to fix an inverter based screen by either replacing the screen, or the inverter. The only time this didn’t work was when an external monitor wouldn’t work either.
      Disconnect power. Take out the battery, press power button for a solid 60 seconds, then give it another go.

  44. Hello sir, I am using Sony vaio VPCEH25EN and I’ve problem with my led screen, it is looking very faint. I am unable to see the pictutes on the screen. I had same problem last month, I’d also repaired from electronic shop, but after one month same problem is persisting. Is there any solution that cost me less and shouldn’t come again?
    Thanks .

    • DattaTray,

      Can you call the repair shop, and ask them specifically what they replaced or soldered to fix the issue, I want to be able to give you the best advice possible.


  45. Hi, I have a Samsung RV515. The LED screen is dim. I have tried 2 other screen and they are also dim. I am thinking it is the backlight fuse that has blown. I cannot find where which points to it, I was hoping you could help?

    I have taken some photos of the board in case that helps identify the fuse. Many thanks in advance for you time and effort assisting me.

  46. hi, need help, min is asus A8L. the bulb sometimes dims, then back to normal after few days. what might be the problem.

    i have replaced the bulb already.

  47. Hi, your article seems to be very helpful, congratulations! I need help for an ASUS X54C. I connected the cable to the LED display while the power adapter was in, so my display turned black without backlight. It works and I can see it just with external light (lamp). Here are the images of the motherboard, hope for your help.

  48. I currently have an Asus U50A and I have replaced the inverter and the LCD screen twice now, and nothing has helped with the dim screen, could this be a problem with the fuse? Please I am going crazy trying to figure out how to fix it!

    • Jake,
      in this case two things
      first inspect both ends of your cable really really carefully for any flaws. the Pins on the led based screens are so incredibly tiny that if you lifted much at all when you pulled it out you may have damaged the pins.
      furthermore one time replacing a screen one of the very first led ones that I did, I got some tiny plastic or lint, god knows exactly what stuck in one end of the female connection side. I had to get some small gauge sewing needles at the corner drugstore in order to dig it out without damaging the connection. so make extra sure you are seated solidly. make sure there is nothing blocking the connectors on either end. ensure your connecters aren’t damaged.
      Then if that all fails, please send me screen shots front and back of where the led cable connects to the motherboard, so I can point out which MOSFETS to test, and what may be potential fuses. Also near the power port is another good spot to take well lit, high resolution shots that I can zoom in on.

      • I have a U50A and I recently attempted to replace the screen, but I’m pretty sure I fried the fuse as I didn’t remove the battery (*facepalm*), saw some smoke attaching the new cable, and now the backlight won’t turn on with either screen (but otherwise works). However, I was under the impression that the U50A had an LED backlight, which wouldn’t have an inverter, so I’m confused how Jake replaced it. Here’s a not very good picture of where my screen connects to the motherboard:

        It’s the large fat black cable in the bottom middle I believe. But from the pictures, it looks like often the fuse is closer to the DC circuit which I haven’t been able to free yet. Also, I’m not sure where to begin testing exactly. Am I looking for discontinuities across components?

        • Taylor,
          I believe you are right that it is the large fat black cable. Pull it up and the small cable that goes by it with the right connector, and take a picture again, maybe just a little bit closer, I think I see something. Also if you are up for it, you should pull the motherboard out and take pictures of the side opposite of where the cable connects there are often mosfets or fuses on that side that can be damaged.

      • It only took me a year and a half, but I finally got around to taking it apart. Attached is a picture of both sides of the motherboard. The red and blue dots in each picture correspond to the dots on the other side.

  49. Hi, I’m hoping someone here can help me with my sony vaio SVS13A290X. I have a blown motherboard fuse causing my backlight led to stop working, I know where the fuse is located. My question is how can I figure out the value of the fuse so I can replace it? Where can I buy a replacement for it? I will greatly appreciate anyone that can help with this. Thank you.

    • Mary,

      Most users here have simply bridged the fuse. Alternatively you may try and find the local popular repair shop, or in the nearest large town. See if they have a sony of the same or similar model in the scrap heap, that they would be willing to salvage a fuse from it for you.

      • Hello,
        I have Sony Vaio PCG61211M, replaced the screen with battery in and have blown the fuse. I found the video how to replace it, but would not like to simple bridge it. There has to be a online shop where you could buy a new fuse. Do you know of any? And also, it would be great for this forum to in addition to locating the fuse determining its value. Thanks.

        • Search “fast acting smd fuse” on google you will see lots of results, you may be able to narrow it down from there. you may be able to use the screens model number to find its voltage requirements to give you an idea what the power ratings are supposed to be in order to narrow down the fuse required.

  50. I have a very interesting scenario.
    I have a Toshiba A350.
    Everything on the motherboard works fine with one exception.
    The data travelling through the sata connector is ridiculously slow.
    It would take windows 20 minutes to boot up.
    If I go into the bios everything is normally quick.

    • Are you certain it’s not the hard drive that is the problem?

      • Yes. I have tried more than one hard drive, I have tried and external drive through the dvd drive conectors, I have even flashed the bios and still the same result.
        I have repaired many a laptop and have never experienced this before.

        • Try baking the mother board. I have fixed many weird problems by doing that. Could just be some minute connection issue with a connector or component on the mother board due to over heating. Otherwise, new mother board?

        • Keith,

          Have you tried a new drive with a completely fresh install simply as a test? mainly so you don’t have to wipe your old drive until your sure its necessary? it sounds like you have gone that far, but I just want to be sure.

  51. Hello I have a Sony Vaio Model PCG-61317L Number on front is VPCEA36FM. I had cracked my screen, and ordered a replacement on eBay. I plugged in the new screen and powered the computer backup and I now have that Diming that everyone is talking about. I am unable to turn the brightness up with normal brightness control. here is a picture of my motherboard, I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction on which fuse is blown so I can Bridge or replace. Thanks -Rick

  52. Hello,
    I hope the thread is still live.

    I have DELL Inspiron 17R N7110.
    I had the issue of DIM display and as a part of Diagnosis tried replacing the Display Cable and the LCD too but the result is same.
    It works fine with External monitor with VGA or HDMI connection.
    I am not been able to see change in the brightness in the external monitor. I guess the model which I have does not have any invertor.

    Can you please help me locate the Fuse so that I can give it a try to heck if its blown and may be resolve the issue for me.
    Thanks in advance.

  53. OMG! Can’t believe it! Dell Inspiron 1545 broken screen replaced screen (I have 20+ years of exp. working on computers) and no back light/no power to LED Backlight. Read the posts on this forum, found the fuse, was exactly where you said it was, jumped it with a dab of solder and wowsers it works!!!!! Thank you so much!

  54. I have a Toshiba Portege Z835-P330 Ultrabook. It was dropped, crack the screen, which was then replaced. The new screen has connectivity just no backlight (confirmed with flashlight behind screen). I am hoping I simply have a bad fuse. The link to the board is below, I highlighted the LCD connector in a green square.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!!

  55. I love you. lol Saved my @ss!!!!

  56. Hi
    I suspect that I am facing the same issue on a Latitude E5500. For years, it has given an occasional “dimmed screen” (graphics are only visible with the aid of direct light) on and off.
    Yesterday, the issue became permanent and now, when the laptop is turned on, it gives full light for half a second before a small spark jumps in the lower right corner of the LCD and the screen becomes dimmed. Ext. graphics works fine. Is the jumping spark a sign of a blown fuse?
    I am not sure that I have the skills/tools to solder such small connections, but I am hoping to at least avoid getting scammed by my local tech guy if I know what the issue is.
    Any advice?

    • I should note that the panel is an LCD panel

      • Technically they are all LCD, however when we talk about LED vs CCFG, we are talking about the light that illuminates it.
        In your case this sounds like the connector cable is stressed or has a tear in it and is shorting. The fuses on these do not “reset” once they are blown, they are blown. Likely the dimming you were experiencing was a drain from a short, and now the short has broken or become permanent. Either way it shouldn’t cost you more than a normal base charge plus normal parts. Their is a chance since you didn’t get this addressed earlier that you will need a new screen. However a local small shop should be able to show you with a used screen that this will actually resolve the issue prior to purchase.

  57. Thanks for the reply MREID2005.
    If I don’t have to do any precision soldering, I think I will try to fix it myself – I have not been able to identify any cable that is broken. Any advice on how I can proceed? 🙂

    • Btw, I took the panel apart and re-seated the connectors – no change.
      I do see one cable that has lost insulation i the bottom right corner. (grey and black) I am pretty sure that these are the antennas from the wifi-card, and I disconnected them from the card – also no change.

      • ya, those are likely the wifi, the harness that connects to the lcd, may not show actual damage on the outside, the wires inside though are in many of these are the thickness of a hair or less. So if the cable was just slightly out of spec. it could have been under strain all this time.
        Here’s what I would suggest, Order a Harness and a Screen off of Amazon. If one or the other fixes the problem, return the other. In the U.S. at least they have pretty much a no hassle return policy, just don’t worry about full assembly when putting it back together. Also, feel free to post any photo’s. I will gladly look over hi-res photos of the motherboard to see if I can spot a blown mosfet or fuses to test.

        I have spotted them on more than one occassion.

  58. I have a Toshiba Z835 LED laptop, the screen and cable no problem at all, think it is also the fuse problem, could you please take a look below three pictures and help me to find the fuse, thanks!

    • I just figure it out. It is a white fuse just near a a vga cable connection..
      It seem it is made from glass o smothing 🙂

      • Hi Saulius,

        Thanks for the information. i just follow as you said and it works. However, while I am bridging the fuse, i accidentally solder as well the nearest device to it and it detached on the motherboard. May I know if you have an idea for what use is that device, I removed it from the motherboard and still my laptop works as normal without that thing. Hope to hear from you soon.



        • It is very unlikely anyone will know specifically what that device is for, unless they have the schematics of the motherboard in which case they likely won’t be on this forum, as they would have everything they need to diagnose and troubleshoot any laptop problem they have.

          without running diagnostics on your whole laptop to test all the functionality it is almost impossible to tell what area of your system is affected by removal of that device. Sounds like you go lucky in that however you use your laptop it does not rely on it, in order for you to use it your way.

          it could be related to anything, usb, audio, microphone, enhanced functionality of the touchpad, so until you test every port, and every function it will likely remain a mystery.

          I would start with, testing external monitor connections, all usb ports, headphone/microphone ports. etc if you need to know what may be broke on your motherboard. otherwise enjoy the win on getting your laptop screen to work again! 🙂

          • Eder / Mreid

            I had exactly the same problem and exactly the same issue while bridging the fuse. Screen is on again and that thing (small resistor I guess) is not making anydiference for now.

            To bridge this fuse you really need to be a ninja not to damage anything.

            Thank you guys and good luck

            PS: The fuse is white and is on the corner of the screen flat cable connector close to another white and bigger 5A fuse (I guess is a fuse due to the 5A marking). Oh… and dont forget to disconnect the battery !!

          • Thanks for the insights!

  59. Hello,
    I hope the thread is still live.

    I have DELL Inspiron 17R N7110.
    I had the issue of DIM display and as a part of Diagnosis tried replacing the Display Cable and the LCD too but the result is same.
    It works fine with External monitor with VGA or HDMI connection.
    I am not been able to see change in the brightness in the external monitor. I guess the model which I have does not have any invertor.

    Can you please help me locate the Fuse so that I can give it a try to heck if its blown and may be resolve the issue for me.
    Thanks in advance.

    See below the links for photos.
    Find attached the photos. I have tried to get the cleaner copies as possible,

    Please help me out.

  60. Hi. I’m also having trouble with my Dell Inspiron 1545. I’ve tested the F1 fuse with a multimeter and it is showing as being dead. Also though, the two little fuses/capacitors next to it (C69 and C68) are not giving me a reading on the multimeter. I’ve read that it isn’t too much of a problem with these not working, is this correct? Thanks

    • I don’t know about the capacitors, this is the first report of them being dead. However, you may want to replace the fuse instead of jumper it in order to protect your screen.

      • OK thanks. I’ll have a look around for a fuse. I’ve been using the multimeter on it again today as I’ve had it put away for a while and when I touch the solder on the bottom part of the f1 fuse then touch a bit of solder on another fuse I get a reading, yet when I touch the top part of the solder and do the same I get no reading. Could this indicate the solder not creating a loop with the fuse or would it still mean that the whole of the fuse could still be dead?

  61. Hello and good day. I ‘m having trouble with a Packard bell easynote pew 96. External monitor (Dsub) works. Originaly thought my backlight was off, but a have very dim picture on a brand new panel too. I couldn’t find any blown, or burnt componets that may be the source of evil on my motherboard.

    Below there are 2 pictures i took near the 40pin connector for the LCD of the 2 sides, please have a look at them if you can.

    The motherboard’s model is (LA-6552P) here is the motherboard’s schematics if it can help
    The only fuses that are in the schematics (F1, F2) are for the HDMI and the Dsub connections and seem to be ok.


  62. Forgot to mention: My screen’s backlight went off at the beggining, the next day it was back on but with a heavy shadow effect for a couple of hours and then it went off again. Could it be the cable’s fault for this behaviour? I haven’t tested another cable yet.

  63. Hi.
    Great post! I have already fixed a Sony Vaio motherboard with this issue. At that time it was wasy to find the fuse. However, now I have a Toshiba Satellite T230 and I cannot find the fuse! Can you please point me to the right fuse? I have linked pictures to the LCD connector and the dc jack connector area in the motherabord.

    Thank you four your help! Much appreciated!

  64. I have a HP DV6-6c13cl. The screen went dark, but I could see it faintly under a flash light. I replaced the screen, but no difference. I’ve been checking for blown fuses, but I cant find anything wrong. If you could help me out that’d be great!

    Pics: – Below Cable – Near the Cable.


  65. In case anyone comes looking, this is where the fuse is located on the Sony Vaio PCG-61311X – ( VPCEA23FB )

    (The fuse is located right behind the LCD connector on the other side of the motherboard)

    The location of the fuse on the motherboard is indicated by “F16”, the fuse itself is brownish and has an “N” in it.

  66. Hi,
    I was hoping someone could help me out… I recently replaced a screen on a Toshiba L455-S5000. The original screen was a CCFL, the new screen is a LED connected through a CCFL converter. Everything worked fine for a while and then the screen just went dim. I took the whole thing apart, disconnected all cables and then reconnected to make sure connections were snug… to no avail. Gave up hope for a while… took the LED screen out hoping to return it and get some money back… then figured what they hey… Gave it another go… reconnected everything and viola the screen is lit again. Left the laptop running for a few hours and then it goes dim again. Any thoughts on what it may be? Could it be a fuse on the mb as I’ve seen stated in earlier posts or maybe it’s the converter? The screen? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Does the converter, that you are using, completely bypass/replace the inverter? I don’t have much experience with them.

      if it doesn’t and you have to keep the inverter to provide the initial voltage it may need replaced

  67. interesting..pls help me i do have lenovo Z580 laptop LED laptop screen when i tunred on the laptop suddenly after 10 seconds the screen stopped working and the laptop automatically turned off it self.and it didn’t turned it on back so removed the battery out and i hold power button for 30 seconds then i connected everything back..boom it’s powered ON but the back light is dead i can barely see images very very very very dark :(. i can see the screen perfectly on an external monitor with vga cable attached …please tell me what is the problem in my case????????

    • I’m very sorry for your loss. 🙁

      that being said it doesn’t mean it is a total loss. If you are handy with a soldering iron than you can likely fix this. If you are handy with a multimeter even a better chance. On the lenovo z580 laptop the fuse location has not been identified by other readers. I don’t have access to a mainboard myself the best I can do is look at photos you the reader provides and help guide you.
      Use photos of other lenovo examples that I have posted with markup to help in identifying possible locations on your system. good luck.

      Also to other users if I don’t reply saying I found a spot it doesn’t mean I didn’t review your photos. If I post saying I’ll look at the photos and don’t get back to you directly it means I didn’t find anything unfortunately. Use the photos that are marked up as a guide in troubleshooting your system

  68. guys I’ve been reading this but still havent got a clue what happened to my Toshiba L500 conversion from CCFL to LED. no backlight at all, even after I reattached the original CCFL screen also dont have backlight (they used to)

    heres my thread at badcaps:

    from my reading of the original schematics seems that no fuse in Toshiba L500 motherboard

  69. Hello there,

    i think i burned the fuse for the led backlight in my lenovo t410. i already ruled out the display itself and the lid close switch. i made three high-res photos of the areas around the lcd connector. from what i’ve read, lenovo places the fuses near the connector (like in the t400s). i can make pictures of all areas of the sytem board if needed. I really appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance,

    Picture 1 LCD Conntector:
    Picture 2 LCD Connector, wider view:
    Picture 3 Backside of LCD connector:

    PS: I can shrink the pictures if needed.

  70. SONY SVE 151 screen fuse location

    The original screen was cracked and cable damaged, I replaced both then bridged the fuse with a resistor leg cut to size. would have replaced the fuse but customer could not wait and was a pain. if you are going to replace or bridge don’t forget to flux and tin.

    PCB had f4 & 1amp written on it but the fuse is actually 2amp and 63volts

    picture of motherboard and fuse:

    Fuse has N written on it

    Fuses can be ordered quickly from RS compnents SMD 3.2mm x 1.6mm quick blow fuse

    Codes for fuses

    (amps, code, voltage, resistance)
    (.125, B, 125, 4.000)
    (.2, C, 125, 1.150)
    (.25, D, 125, 0.690)
    (.375, E, 125, 0.350)
    (.5, F, 63, 0.220)
    (.75, G, 63, 0.105)
    (1, H, 63, 0.072)
    (1.25, J, 63, 0.056)
    (1.5, K, 63, 0.046)
    (1.75, L, 63 0.037)
    (2, N, 63, 0.031)
    (2.5, O, 32, 0.023)
    (3, P, 32, 0.020)
    (5, T, 24, 0.011)

    • HY.I need urgent a fuse for my sony vaio SVE 151…but i can`t find any source to buy.Please give me a link with the fuse.I allready traied RS compnents but i don`t find anything.

    • I try to bridge one beside screen connector cable its mark letter N but worked only for 5 second and backlight gone again ,maybe I do wrong something with soldering or iss the another one gone now ,can u point me where to buy that one or how they have to be bridge correct ,thx

  71. These are what you are looking for:

    some fuses are so small they have nothing written on them but it will probably be written on the PCB with some thing like f 0.25a.

  72. Hello,
    I need a fuse location for a compaq presario cq56-115. Any help would be great. I just replaced the screen, but im still not getting an image. External monitor works fine.

  73. i have dell inspiron n5050.backlight is a led screen with no inverter .i even tried with new screen but still no backlght.Can you please tell which fuse or mosfet to check.

  74. Help me locate the backlight fuse on Gateway NV53a

  75. Does this apply for a MacBook Air???? How can I replace the backlight fuse?

  76. can anyone please provide a pic where the backlight fuse on Vaio Zseries is located…my model is VGN-Z46gd & mobo is MBX-183

  77. My screen is dim as in “brightness at 0%”, but not dark. Could this be caused by a blown fuse? It’s an HP Eleitebook 8730w RGB LED screen.

    Symptoms were: brightness never came back up from 0% after being set to 0% during a power failure. Upon plugging back had red and blue LEDs flashing from startup (POST) and into windows for a minute or so, with weird doubling of video image on the screen. Upon restart video was fine with red and blue “cop car ” LED flashing giving the screen weird colors, then it stopped altogether and screen went back to normal except for dimness at 0%

    Brightness controls seem operational but when, querried the LED screen returns a value of 0% brightness, grayed out.

    If you could advance a theory of what’s wrong I’d appreciate. I’ve changed the ambient líght sensor (the screen simply won’t turn on with it removed), tried disabling the sensor module in the BIOS, and am now looking at replacing the power jack module and have a second video card on hand (but external video is fine).

    Since replacing the screen or motherboard is major work (never mind the cost, just trying to find the proper replacement is a major challenge), I’m really looking for an on-site component fix.

    Any response appreciated!!!

  78. I have read this article with great interest and looked closely at all the reader comments and find my issue nowhere stated. As this is is a very long post, let me spare you the long read for now and get right to the point:

    My problem is, my screen went dim as in “brightness level stuck at 0%”. In other words, I can work on the laptop, but only in a fairly dim room. The white on the screen appears gray when compared to a white sheet of paper.

    In other words, there IS backlight, it’s just that it’s stuck at its dimmest setting.

    The computer is an HP Elitebook 8730w with RGB LED display. I have only found one other instance online where someone had a similar experience , have posted, but have not received any response:

    I have researched online and saw it could be related to a power input problem (the computer believes it is on battery power and uses 0% brightness to conserve power). I have tried booting on power with the battery off, no effect. Have a couple of power supplies, no effect. Replaced the battery (have several), no effect.

    I used to get this issue temporarily when putting the computer to sleep the brightness could not be changed, but a reboot would resolve the issue. Not this time.

    The list of things I did would fill several pages; I’ve been onto it for two months now, as time allows.

    The laptop drives an external display without any issues. The internal display utility, HP Mobile Display Assistant, shows the brightness level stuck at 0%, with no possibility to change it.

    Even during POST and in the BIOS, brightness cannot be changed.

    Deactivating the ambient light sensor has no effect nor does resetting the bios to default values.

    Draining the CMOS leaving the battery out during the night did nothing.

    During the power failure I didn’t bother because I was on battery power anyway and wanted it to last as long as possible.

    I then tried with my inverter supplying power and although I never had any problems before (we have power failure several times a year), I had this weird led backlight flashing, red blue like a cop car effect. It got me worried, and at some point the desktop was even doubled up as if the video card was going berserk, but it didn’t last and I was back to where I started: normal screen, but a 0% brightness.

    Could this be due to a blown fuse? I am at a loss to find the cause of the problem short of replacing every component, which is cost prohibitive. I was already able to procure a spare video car, ambient light sensor (no effect) and power button module.

    I sure could use some help or at least some advice!

    • Couple of quick questions that may help. When you very first turn on the computer, and you hit the key for the BIOS, or say to select Safe Mode is the screen dim?

      • Yes indeed… And thank you for your speedy response!!!

        • Okay, if its dim in the BIOS then we are looking at a hardware issue. if its not dim in the bios and its dim in safe mode, it could still be a hardware issue. If its not dim in bios. Uninstall the drivers. get a Nvidia and or ATI driver cleaner, and reboot.
          Let the system install the generic drivers. Then goto the manufacturers website and install their driver pack. You may also want to see if there is a utility for the ambient light sensor, that can be re-installed.

          • I can’t seem to answer this. I have crafted a detailed response, but it just gets eaten by the system. I am at a loss, tried all kinds of browsers to no avail. 🙁

          • I looked into the hardware info about my laptop screen and something caught my curiosity… There are EEPROMs on these things… So, I looked at the data in the manufacturer specs and then at my registry and guess what: my “Default Monitor”, the one that is active and in use by windows, turns out to have, in the registry, the following HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumDISPLAYDefault_Monitor5&2a39e401&0&UID16777472Device Parameters value:BAD_EDID! (Hex value: 0000)!

            Could it be that the EEPROM simply got wiped out by a power failure surge? And could it be rewritten using a stored value in the registry? I have a copy of the registry at the time the screen was last replaced, back in May 2010, and they correspond to the published manufacturer 128 bit EEPROM data!

            Any advice would be at this point greatly appreciated… I believe I’m on to something here!

          • My reg key says the same thing, it is unlikely this is the cause.

      • Thanks again… I looked at the registry on my other laptop and indeed, saw the same thing you did. Ah well! If you don’t look, you won’t find!

  79. [OK, fourth try – hope it works]

    Thank you, I already did all that and more:

    1) Modes tested with no effect from the function keys: POST, BIOS, Windows Safe Mode, Normal Mode
    Tested with:
    – battery only
    – power supply and battery installed
    – power supply without battery installed
    -> repeated all tests with a spare battery;

    2) Software steps I took:
    a)In Windows:
    – uninstalled and reinstalled different versions of the HP Smart Keys that display the brightness bar.
    – uninstalled device in Device manager
    – removed video card driver
    – reverted to 3 year old registry
    – forced a non-preferred resolution
    b) in the BIOS:
    – turned the ambient sensor off
    – reset BIOS to defaults
    – updated BIOS to a more recent version

    3) Hardware steps I took: limited, because it is my working machine and my two backups need repairs.
    a) removed screen bezel
    – removed ambient light sensor and replaced it with spare: no change in brightness. Got wrong colours except for the base 16 (or 256?), found out the colour depth had rest itself to its lowest. Solved that bit of problem.
    – examined the sensor cable and rerouted it slightly, seemed a bit misshapen. No change.
    – removed the ambient light sensor altogether: no screen whatsoever, totally dark. Perhaps I am onto something there?

    4) Steps I did not take yet and am considering next, please chime in on this:
    – remove the ambient light sensor and video cables and reseat them. The suddenness of the problem makes me believe this is probably not a cable issue.
    – removing the panel and verifying the cable and LED subsystem on the panel. I doubt the LEDs are problematic because the colours are still accurate, so I know all LEDs actually work
    – replace the power module (I already have it, won’t hurt to try)
    – verify the integrity of the power jack on the motherboard (since being on battery power can cause this, I believe there could be an issue with the power jack, considering how rough they usually have it). Will be looking at anything that looks like a fuse or MOSFET.
    – replace the video card with the spare I have. Although external output works no problem, having had these video glitches makes me think there could still be a problem there, considering these cards (nvidia fx2700m) are known to develop solder problems over time (I’d cook it for 10 minutes to reflow it).

    5) last resort: acquiring in this order:
    a) a new panel. Have found a source at a fair price, not sure if they have it in stock at this time.
    b) a new motherboard. Have NOT found a source for this specific motherboard, unfortunately. If the motherboard is defective, it’s pretty much the end of the story for me and this laptop. I would probably try to get another one of the exact same type with broken panel or other defect to make one god computer out of the two.

    For other info, you can look up what I posted on http:// out For a video of the effect, the previous youtube link shows it well, so it seems I am not the only one who has has this problem:

    Is that detailed enough for you? 😉

    • Yes detailed enough 🙂
      Alright, the reflow is not a bad idea, but you may want to try the “skillet method” I have seen talked about it. it seems safer than most other methods.

      If you haven’t tried a replacement screen it is definitely worth considering, I believe full voltage goes to the circuitry on the screen and then is regulated from the board on there. Based on the fact the fuse is typically located next to the connector on the motherboard. You may be able to have a local repair shop try a test screen. If you go in with it ready to hook up, they may not charge a diagnostic. I guess it just depends on the shop.

      • Thank you again for your reply!

        What I find strange and makes me think this is not a hardware issue but a firmware (or software) one is the fact that when the screen first turns on from off or sleep, it is at full brightness as if it was receiving full power, then immediately dims, kind of a flashing effect. All this happens over the course of 1/2, perhaps 1/4 second or so. The reverse of what normally happens when you put the computer to sleep (the screen doesn’t just shut off, it just dims very fast to off). A bit like the video I referred to prior.

        In other words, the brightness capability is definitely there, the LEDS can give full brightness and are driven at full brightness when the screen is just turned on, then settles immediately to its lowest value, so something must be turning it down in this stepless manner, you know, a bit like the dimming effect of ambient light in a theater prior to a movie.

        Does that give you helpful clues? That screen is extremely hard to get and expensive. Before doing so I’d like to be as sure of it as possible, and that it is not the motherboard, which is basically impossible to find.

      • I should have answered long ago but here goes (I just received a bunch of notices that there had been updates)

        The problem I had turned out to be the screen itself, so yes, a component on the LCD panel, presumably the LED controller circuits. I found a spare machine on eBay with exactly the same specs as mine but otherwise almost destroyed (it must have fallen from a moving vehicle, luckily in the closed position), took out its screen and put it in my laptop and the dim lighting issue was immediately resolved.

        Moral of the story: LED backlit displays are embedded on the panel itself. When the LED subsystem fails, you have to replace the whole panel.

        I have not found any way to replace any discrete components on these thin flexible circuit boards.

        If this gets posted multiple times… Please remove duplicates this wordpress stuff isn’t working at all on Firefox 30 and Opera 11.64.

  80. Hello, I have a blown lcd fuse on my Samsung NP-350V5C, it is like a broken invertor, see :
    I would like to order and replace it, i am not a professionnal but it seems to be the same as on a 3DS…

    can someone help me ?
    is it possible to order (i’m located in France) ?
    is it specific from samsung or can I buy generic part ?
    is it possible to repair ?


    • If mine was burnt out like I’d consider myself lucky, otherwise how are you going to find the bad component! I’d just get some spares and replace the burnt one. The worst that can happen is that it blows again. If it does you’ve got a problem (broken/shorted cable or another bad component in the circuit), but considering they cost very little you’ve got nothing to lose. In other words: just get the proper sized fuse and go for it! And make sure to use a soldering gun that you can control the heat of, they’re about $50. You also need a steady hand 😉

      Bonne chance!

      • “Merci Beaucoup” Chris for answering me!
        The most difficult now is that i don’t have the specifications of the fuse in order to buy it…
        I can’t find the technical plan of the motherboard on internet…
        do you have an idea of where i can find it?

      • Thanks Chris for answering me, i will try to take the fuse on the inverter of my broken screen, it seems to be the same size (approx 1/1.5 mm). But too small for me, i think i have a friend who can do it…
        Bonne journée!

    • Successful Bridge on Fujitsu LifeBook A series. BOTH fuses blew when installing new LCD monitor. When i tested Both fuses for continuity BOTH had blown. So i Bridged BOTH and it started up 1st time 😀 Hope this helps others with this laptop. I have added photo for the location of BOTH fuses that are located right next to each other 🙂

    • Do not cut the fuse off. you will rip off the tracks, then you be in sh**
      use a hot air rework station, it will be a great investment

  81. Hi
    The post is the closest i’ve found on the issue i am facing! The LCD on my lenovo Y400 is dim after replacement. I have confirmed it is not of the backlight (i’ve tried two new LCD with the same result) All suggests it is of the fuse on the motherboard. The problem is i did not know where the fuse is, i will like if you post the picture on my email

  82. Successful Bridge on Fujitsu LifeBook A series. BOTH fuses blew when installing new LCD monitor. When i tested Both fuses for continuity BOTH had blown. So i Bridged BOTH and it started up 1st time 😀 Hope this helps others with this laptop. I have added photo for the location of BOTH fuses that are located right next to each other 🙂

  83. I have acer aspire one, and also have this led dim backlight problem can you help me with this fuse location from the pics:

  84. I have an dell Inspiron m5040 I and trying to locate the f1 / f8 fuses, I can upload pics but too where. Thank you

  85. Hi, I just replaced my led screen on a Dell Inspiron n4110 and after putting it back together and turning it on I got 8 beeps. Took the screen off and saw the connector was not seated all the way . Put the cable in and turned it on and now nothing on the screen. Even the old screen won’t light up. External monitor works great but the laptop screen is black. Any help would be great on this since I’m doing it for my good friend.

  86. can anybody please help me to find the black light fuse on my sony vaio laptop?

  87. I exchanged the led screen of two similar laptops that iS hp and afterwards the screen has become dim and sometimes becomes a little bit higher when you plug the charger, what might be the cause?

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  89. Hi
    i have the same problem
    I try to test a 14” led display in a friends laptop and it looks like i blow the fuse
    I would be very happy if somebody can point where is the fuse located

  90. It’s a toshiba sateelite d850 100

  91. I have the same problem with my sony vaio 15e fit. I have tried three different led screens and they are all dim. Help me out

  92. Hi there very good site, got a g585 lenovo anyone know backlight fuse locationfor lcd

  93. amigo tengo una lap top marca dell 1545 tengo un problema cuando la enciendo aparentemente no da video pero cuando le conecto una pantall externa todo se ve bien el display que trae la lap-top se ve en blanco nada mas que crees que pueda ser la causa algun circuito integrado o algun diodo cerca de el conector led

  94. ahh por cierto ya le probe otro display y hace exatamente lo mismo nada mas aparece en blanco ya probe continudad en el cable o flex que va de la placa madre al display

  95. I have this same problem with a vgn-tx2xp motherboard. It looks similar to the tx5xn that is displayed I can only see the fuses in the green circle. I have tested them and they are working.
    Anyone know where the backlight fuse is for an tx2xp motherboard


  96. Looking for the fuse location on a Lenovo Ideapad N585.

  97. Hello,

    Can anyone point out which is the chip that control the LED lighting on this Toshiba Portege Z935-P300 motherboard. I have put down the picture near the LED connector and back of the connector as well. Thanks for your help!

    • Did you ever figure out where that backlight led fuse is on the mainboard?

    • Hi. I’m trying to find the backlight fuse location on a Toshiba Satellite z930. I think it is a similar motherboard to the Toshiba Portage 8xx or 9xx series if anyone had had success with those models.

      Here are some images. I’ve marked up the LVDS connector and the 2 fuses ‘N’ and ‘R’ that I have identified so far but neither of those are to do with the LCD backlight.

      Images of top side of motherboard:

      Images of reverse side of motherboard:

      Any help identifying the backlight fuse or the backlight LED driver chip would be most appreciated.


  98. Maybe anyone knows where is led fuse on Sony Vaio VGN-SR4VR (PCG-5R4P)..?

    Back side

  99. I need help locating the fuses that are responsible for lcd not turning on frorm mother board HP 6050A2498701 MB A02 HDMI video connection working Vga video connection working

  100. Hi, I hope you are still around! This is exactly the problem I have with a computer I am working on, I have posted on several other forums to no avail. My symptoms:

    HP Pavilion G6-1D44CA was given to me with a broken LED screen. Ordered a new one, installed and the backlight failed. I am almost certain the connector wasn’t 100% snug. Plugged the old screen back on to check, same thing, no backlight. The new screen works fine with a bright line shined on it. It’s an LED so no inverter board, has to be something on the motherboard, but I can’t find a fuse anywhere and don’t have access to a schematic. Here’s a couple pictures:

    A post on Tom’s Hardware suggested that this might be the problem, but didn’t explain why or what or how to fix it:

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


    • That component that is indicated on tomshardware will need to be tested, usually a continuity tester will suffice.
      one way to do that is remove power. get an multi-meter that has a continuity test mode. it will make a tone when you touch the two probes together and stop when you pull them apart.
      so once you have that and have it set to that setting remove all power and the battery. find a component that looks like the one indicated put one probe on the side with only one connection point.
      then probe the other two see how they respond, see if it beeps when touching one or the other or even both. then test the other one that you think is faulty as indicated on TomsHardware if it responds the same that is not the problem. If it doesn’t beep the same way then it is what needs replaced.
      any computer repair shop in your area that does any kindof motherboard soldering will likely have scrap motherboards around they can desolder the component off of and replace it on yours.

  101. Hello friends i have Dell Inspiron N5040 notebook today suddenly in the middle of the format.. screen dimmed and stayed dimmed…

  102. Hi there,

    I have a Toshiba Z830 which had a cracked LCD. I disconnected the existing LCD and connected the replacement one without removing the battery first and it is now dim for the old one. I’m not sure if this is a fuse issue or not but I have taken a picture of the connection area if one of you think it could be?


  103. I have a Toshiba C660-119 laptop with a suspect LED screen, before buying a replacement screen I have been told to check the screen power fuse on the motherboard first. Problem is locating it – can anybody help please?. Before

  104. Hello, I have a netbook Aspire Acer ONE D270-1402 (MOBO DAOZE7MB6D0). Screen got broken and I replaced it but it remained black since next boot.
    There is only one driver for this screen. External monitor works fine. I have tried with another screen and another cable with same results. On the screen I could notice a dimmed image.
    I perform a google search and found that these netbooks had a fuse on the motherboard for the screen.
    Could you help me to find it? I have uploaded some pictures (see links below).
    I would also appreciate your help to find also its characteristics and were could if find it.
    If it is difficult, could I just put a bridge between bot fuse terminals?
    Thanks in advance Arturo

  105. Hey, I have a rather unpopular laptop (Chromebook Pixel 2013) and soda spilled on the keyboard near the 40 pin screen cable connector. The screen backlight went out after the spill and there was a small amount of corrosion on the board which I cleaned up. I figure the soda got on the motherboard and blew a fuse or something. Could you also pay attention to the resistor(?) or fuse(?) labeled r005. It looks burnt.

    Here is the imgur link to the pictures:

  106. Hi.
    I have a HP G4 LED.
    The problem is the following.
    Sometimes it turns on the backlight. Perhaps it operates minutes or hours. Sometimes not turned on.
    This may be caused by the fuse?

    • Unfortunately this is not likely a fuse issue, actually typically it is impossible for this to be a fuse issue.
      laptop fuses that I know of, once they burn out, have done their job, and do not reset. in the electronics industry such fuses do exist, but I’m not aware of them being used in laptops. What your describing sounds more like a short possibly in the flex cable between the mainboard and the screen. The route it takes past the hinge into the screen area can at times rub, and start creating a short condition, that can exhibit systems like what you are describing.

      • Thx for reply MREID!!!

        • Feel free to come back and let us know what you figure out.
          I thought about this one a little more also, there was a laptop I once worked on, that when the lcd panel didn’t maintain proper contact with the grounding sheet on the back of the shell, it would also randomly go dark.

          try tapping and flexing (gently of course), with the screen in various positions, see if you can recreate it.

          there is two other possibilities, however, rare, is HP has a ambient light sensor in some models, and if so usually you can disable this in the BIOS, if its the cause shouold fix it almost immediately.

          also the lid switch itself, could be faulty, and getting stuck closed? I’ve never tried to test or repair one, but definitely worth checking.

  107. There is no backlight on my dell inspiron 5547 (5000 series) laptop’s touch screen display. Though the display is still working, I checked putting external light and able to see the screen. Even the touch is also working. I think I have the problem because I plugged display cable with battery attached on dell inspiron 15 5000 series 5547 laptop. Help me. I found a solution online said to change f1 fuse of motherboard that is used as a surge protection for led monitor’s.
    Where can I found a f1 Fuse?
    Pictures here:

  108. Hi guys, Ive got a lenovo T430 same problem but the thing is sometimes it comes back up when using FN (F keys for brightness up& down) but then it dims & goes black again. (sometimes brightness down key makes brightness go up- thats weird)

    Surely in my case if its the fuse thats gone, then it wouldnt allow brightness to go up or down??. I tried to find photos on net of fuse location for Lenovo T430 but theyre locked in badcaps forum 🙁 I tried to join that forum but they state theyre not allowing new users. I will try to take photos of my board when I get time to disassemble the laptop.

      • Thanks MrReid for your reply. However I cant test that solution as I cant see the screen at all today 🙁 even FN F8 keys make no difference today. ( I havent got an external display to hand) I checked continuity on the tiny ‘P’ fuse located near bottom of screen connector ( I was able to do that with just the keyboard removed) & it was beeping OK. Im thinking it maybe another fuse or another component that has failed. (I need to hunt down some schematics I think)

        • If you have an external monitor you can hook up to this may allow you to see the settings that way also, this will help narrow down the issue further.
          If you power off the system, possibly even pull the battery then start it up, do you see the post screen, or startup screens at normal resolution?
          How about Safe mode?

          If safe mode, or the screen appears at normal brightness during the normal brightness, this will tend to indicate a software issue?
          I’ll try and lookup a couple more possible causes in the meantime.

      • thanks MrReid will hopefully get hold of an external monitor soon. However I definitely think its some component problem, as I managed to get hold of a fully working one to rule out LCD problem. Even in BIOS its black, screen from faulty unit is OK in the fully working one, when a fully working screen is fitted (to the faulty unit) its also black. I noticed something though… the fuse near screen connector on the faulty one has fuse with ‘P’ printed on it, but the working unit has a striped fuse in the same location, Im wondering whether a version was revised/ different value fuse? (on later models?)
        hopefully the photos will be useful for everyone

  109. Finally managed to discover the problem.

    it is the F7 fuse located on underside along with what looks like a capacitor. The two components are totally corroded 🙁 there mustve been liquid damage at some point & over time got worse.
    For future reference the F7 fuse is a 3A 32V (but Im not sure of the component size)
    My problem is the components have corroded down to the pads 🙁 I could try replacing fuse & somehow scratch the surrounding copper on board. However that capacitor that is also corroded is going to be problematic, I dont know the value of or even if it is a capacitor. I may just give up on this 🙁

  110. Can you help me with my ASUS A53TK-SX005V? It has a LED display and backlight is not working anymore.

    Here are some pics:
    Here’s the mb scheme:

    What should I test? Thank you!

  111. I also have a Dell N7110 li!e the one FindRupesh asked about. I never saw a reply as to where the fuse/ fuses might be. My display is also black but I can see the screen when I sidelight it with a flashlight.

  112. Hi, I have an acer v5-472-6893 and the screen stopped working, so i purchased a new one to replace it, but the backlight is extremely dim. like if you hold a flashlight to it, you can only see it, so i was told to check the fuse first, before rma’ing the screen, but cannot find the fuse.

  113. Hello,
    please can i find help here troubleshooting my dell xps 13 9333 which is suffering from a bad led backlight display after LCD top assembly display change.
    can i get a link to a schematic for this laptop.
    Thank you

  114. Hi
    I have a problème with brightness in m’y lenovo b560 and I née your helmet to fond à fuse f1 or f8 please

  115. Hi there

    i have a problem where my back light is not working but my laptop is still working on external display. i have a DELL 15-5548. i believe it is also a fuse issue, but i cannot find it. could you please have a look and let me know. really appreciate it.

    thank you.

  116. Hi, i have an Sony Vaio PCG-61311u (VPCEA40EL) and i jumpered the F16 and F15 fuse unsuccessfully.. Help me Please 🙁

  117. hi I have problem with the backlight vaio t13 svt touch screen I cant fount the fuse

  118. hi I have I cant find the fuse for my sony vaio t3 svt led screen.

  119. hi I cant find the screen fuse for my sony vaio t13 svt13 touch screen.

  120. hi – interesting post. i have dell 1440. I was repairing power jack, and while plugging back display cable on motherboard., it had small spark. LCD not working at all now. external display works fine. pc works normally.. How do i check if LCD cable or LCD itself are bad? Appreciate any help

  121. Hi a have an asus asus X510dp with no blacklight, this happend when i change the display. Can you please tell me when is fuse. Many thx

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