Nov 142012
iPad 4R7 Backlight coil

Location of iPad 4R7 backlight coil

If you have a dim or dark screen on  your iPad device, then there is a possibility that the coil that fires up the backlight is faulty or burnt out.  In order to test this you will need to disassemble  your iPad 2 and access the 4R7 coil to see if this is the cause of the failure.  Now if you have an iPhone 4 it has a 6R8 Coil  you will need to test it to determine if this is the cause of your faulty iPhone 4 screen.  Any multi-meter should do the trick.  see the photo to identify the 4R7 Coil Location.

Feel free to comment below, or link to photos of your failed backlight coils.  I would be glad to have some extra photos showing my readers personal success stories.

This coil is susceptible to failure if your iPad screen is damaged or broken in a fall.  If the screen shorts its power connection during its replacement it will cause a surge in the 4R7 coil resulting in failure.  The only way to resolve this issue is to then either replace the coil. Or the logic board on which it resides.

I have also included a photo of the iPad mini backlight location.

  2 Responses to “iPad 2 Bad 4R7 Coil Causes Dim or Dark Screen”

  1. I have a AH530 fujitsu laptop and I bought a new screen to replace the broken cracked LCD. The new screen works on my kids fujitsu ah530 but does not on other broken AH530. Yes, we have identical laptops.
    So I know the new one does work. If I hook up a working screen to the laptop that I bought a replacement for there is no picture seen unless I use a flashlight and point at the screen.
    So I think the backlight portion is not functioning. What could it be?

    Please forward to my email, with your responce

  2. Hi there,
    I have an ipad mini and I recently replaced the backlight fuse thinking that was the issue. when I put everything back and turned the ipad on the screen did not come on, I plugged the ipad to my computer and it is detected but there is no image on the screen. So I left the ipad stored on my drawer for 2 weeks, I decided to check up on it and see if I would want to work on it again or maybe just sale it,. So of course with the ipad not being in used for 2 weeks the battery had drained, so I plugged it in the wall and 2 minutes later I saw the low battery image on the screen I was so excited that it was working, well too much for being excited because withing 20-30 minutes of use the screen went black again, however my computer still detects the ipad but there is no image on the screen. So I left the ipad once again stored for like a week or so then I tired it again and it worked but once again 20-30 minutes in to use the screen went black again. Do you thing the 4R7 Coil could be the issue? I would greatly appreciate your response. Thank you.

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