Oct 192011

Unfortunately the HTC ARIA Android Update is not available for ICE CREAM as of yet, however, you can at least get your stock HTC Aria, up to 2.2 with the following ROMUpdate.  Be aware though after this update, I felt the phone was a tad bit more sluggish.  Also phone memo

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

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ry is definitely less, as I have to be a little more active in App Management, not everything will run off the SD Card.


This software is an update for the HTC Aria™ for AT&T. Please note that during this update process, the device will be Hard Reset and anything that is NOT part of the Operating System (applications downloaded from Android Market, SMS/MMS, Email, etc)) will be permanently deleted; always make a point of backing up your devices data on a regular basis!
Note: All Music, Pictures, and Video are stored on the MicroSD card and will not be deleted during the update process. All applications downloaded from Market are linked to the Gmail account set up on the device and can be restored to the device using that Gmail account.


Oct 012011
Angry Birds

Image by riczribeiro via Flickr

Oh no the bad guys of Angry Birds Rio, are taking off with all the little colorful birds. please hurry and stop them!!  heh. alright little over the top but what the hay


Man was that last map on the first section hard, but with much todo, and a little extra flinging I got it.  it’s been forever since I posted so I thought I’d just make this quick entry, and also mention..


Aug 312011

Angry Birds Seasons  will be getting a September update Moon Festival modeled after the Chinese Season, but North America won’t be getting it first. The developer Rovio has established itself in China with new offices and new plans for their second biggest market including giving the Chinese first dibs on the next Seasons update.

Moon Festival is based on the Chinese mid-Autumn festival which includes elements familiar to Westerners such as paper lanterns and moon cakes. Though little is known about the actual gameplay of the Moon Festival episode, Rovio is marketing Angry Birds-themed moon cakes to the Chinese citizenry.

Angry Birds Seasons: Moon Festival should launch in September in China then worldwide. Rovio has not indicated how many levels, Golden Eggs, or Bosses their will be.

Aug 232011

Well August has come, and is almost gone, and no Angry Birds Update. Maybe after Labor Day, will we see blue birds, and yellow birds and Rio Birds fly!  Until then, post a comment on how many tries it took to get past 8-2.  It only took me oh about 75!

Jul 272011
Will Robson, Nottingham Carnival costume

Image via Wikipedia

Angry Birds Rio, has released an update this July, and I’m downloading it now, we’ll see if it contains the second half of Carnival!

Jul 102011
Alright the Ultimate Big Kids App for us that use to make paper airplanes, and imagine them as model rockets with unlimited range!
Product Description
paper glider
paper glider

This glider is big in Japan
Come Fly with Me

Prepare to soar through the sky! Paper Glider is a casual game with a simple objective – to fly a paper airplane as far as you can without crashing. Swiping the screen launches the glider out into the big wide world. Tapping the screen gives the glider a boost of wind, which alters the plane’s trajectory. But use this technique sparingly; you’re only allotted so much wind power.

Paper Plane Pro Shop

Paper Glider takes the humble art of paper airplane aeronautics to a whole new level. With each flight, you earn coins depending on how far your flight was. Spend these coins at the Boost Shop to make your glider a sleek flying machine.

Emergency Boost protects your glider from crashing. Rocket Boost sets your glider zooming for miles, while Mega Boost fires you off to a whole new environment in seconds. Get a Refill Wind pinwheel for when you’re running low on wind power. You can then use these enhancements in the Super Boost game mode, right after you clear the first yard.

Your coins are also good at the Glider Shop showroom. Display your airborne patriotism by flying with Old Glory, the Union Jack, the Rising Sun, or the flags of five other countries. Other designs include military camouflage, a lovely pink heart, and hot-rod flames.

You’re Cleared for Take-Off

The more you fly, the more you’ll become aware of the game’s subtle strategy. Experiment with different ways of throwing your glider; generally a strong launch helps. Make good use of the wind bar. Too many taps results in flying off the screen, but too few results in a crash. Try to “ride the wave” while airborne; this is the secret to long-distance flights.

When you’re ready to declare your Top Gun credentials, connect with the global leaderboards of OpenFeint to see who is really going the distance.

Please note that Paper Glider is not compatible with some older devices.

Jul 092011
Product Description
days left widget

Keep track of important dates
buying option

120 fun icons
Count Down to Your Destiny

Do you want to count down the days until a game or gadget release? Have you ever forgotten an important date, such as your mom or girlfriend’s birthday? Want to see when an important meeting occurs at a glance? Then Days Left Widget should be on your Android device’s home screen.

Customize the Countdown

Days Left Widget has several useful settings. Customize the countdown to mark the days, weekdays (Monday through Friday), weeks, months, or years left to the event. Add notes to the event, and you can have the notes appear on the widget. Days Widget also counts the days after an event has occurred.

Days Left Widget comes in four sizes with 10 border colors. Decorate your widget from a selection of 120 icons. Set as many widgets as you can fit on your home screen. Days Left Widget offers the option of integration with the Catch Notes app, a handy app that allows you to create text or voice notes, attach photos and geotags, set up password protection, and much more.

T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

With Days Left Widget, you’ll never miss an important event again. Set up a daily countdown to New Year’s Eve, Christmas, your birthday, or to a random day just because you like daily countdowns. Days Left Widget adds both convenience and fun anticipation to the important days in your calendar.

Please note that Days Left Widget must be launched from the Widgets menu.

Jul 082011

Product Featuresage of zombies

  • Zombie-slaying shoot-em-up action, featuring tough-as-nails action hero: Barry Steakfries
  • Single-player campaign with five unique time periods to play through: Feudal Japan, Prehistoric Times, Ancient Egypt, and more
  • Massive boss fights, including a Zombie T-Rex!
  • Bonus unlockable Survival Mode
  • Online high score leaderboards and achievements

Product Description
Age of Zombies

From Halfbrick Studios, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash, comes their newest and biggest adventure yet! Lock and load through the history of time as a tough-as-nails commando named Barry Steakfries. Use an arsenal of guns and explosives to blast your way through five different time periods in history–shoot up undead mobsters, take down a zombie T-Rex, and still make it back in time to eat a hearty dinner.

An Apple “Game of the Week” featured title, this critically-acclaimed action shooter is now bigger, badder, better, and available now for Android!

age of zombies
age of zombies

Blast your way through hordes of hungry zombies.
Key Features
  • Experience epic dual-stick shooting action, featuring the tough-as-nails, cheesy one-liner spouting hero: Barry Steakfries
  • Travel through time to five unique periods in a story campaign that includes places such as Feudal Japan and Prehistoric Times.
  • Fight massive bosses…like a Zombie T-Rex!
  • Shoot up ninjas, mummies, cavemen, and more with a huge variety of weapons and explosives
  • Take your zombie-blasting skills to the next level with a bonus survival mode
  • Compete online with global high score leaderboards and achievements
Reviews for Age of Zombies

Winner of the 2011 Playstation Network Gamers Choice Awards (Best PS3/PSP Mini) and with a Metacritic score of 83%, Age of Zombies now makes its way onto your Android device!

“Age of Zombies is a great game to have in your pocket.” 9/10

    — IGN.com

“Age of Zombies goes for bigger, badder and better!” 5/5

    — AppSpy.com

“Superb virtual controls guarantee precise shooting and responsive movement.”

    — PocketGamer.com
Jul 072011
September 1, 2009

Image by staticjana via Flickr

Where do you go in Fayetteville to get full service computer repair, well that is what we hope to explore over the next few weeks, from Virus Removal to Power Port Repair, do you stay close to home, or is it worth the drive a town or two over in order to save 10 or 20 percent possibly as much as 30 percent.  Does Best Buy, and the Geek Squad really deliver performance for your dollar, or are you paying for their Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Campaign?

Feel free to Chime in, as we explore these questions

Part 2. will be Posted on July 14th, 2011