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Our Warranty/Guarantee:

We offer a 60 day day warranty on any labor performed on your computer, and all parts and hardware we sell comes with at least a 1 year warranty unless we specifically state otherwise.  If for any reason you need service for the same

Laptop Computer Repair

Laptop Computer Repair

problem within that sixty day period we will perform the additional work for free.  If the work was performed on-site the only charge will be a small $10.00 trip charge.  If the failure was directly related to the work we performed we will waive the trip charge.


Comprehensive Virus Removal – $70.00  $39.00  MARCH / APRIL Special Pricing!

This is the most comprehensive virus removal in town.
Includes in depth scanning for rootkits/bootkits and re-direct virus’s
Hardware Diagnostic with the latest tools is also included
60 Day Labor Warranty on all virus removals

Operating System Installation – $70.00
Includes all updates and free Anti-virus
60 Day Labor Warranty on all O/S Installs!

Laptop Power Port Repair – $95.00  (Dell, Toshiba, Acer, HP, and many others)
Broken or Loose Power ports, we can repair them for a flat rate of only $109.00, and we also give a 30 day warranty!  Fast turn around only 3-4 Days! Rush Service Available

 Hardware Diagnosis – $Free
Not sure what the problem is just give us a call, and describe the symptoms, we will be able to give you a short list of possible issues, and a general idea of pricing.  If it is still unclear we are happy to perform a free hardware diagnostic and evaulation of your desktop or laptop before you commit to a repair.


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