Jul 142012

Twinz! – Ad-Free
Concentration Style Match Game

If you have wanted an updated version of concentration to play on your smartphone then here you go.

This little app will allow you to kill a little time, while improving your memory.

Twinz! is a memory concentration game in which you flip pairs of tiles. When the images behind the doors match, they remain open and play continues, but if they do not match, the doors close. Remembering the pictures behind the doors is the key to earning points and advancing to the next level.
An App that Changes your Sudoku Experience

Unlike many traditional memory games, Twinz! features timed play, five distinct levels, three difficulty settings, and allows you to share your scores with other players around the world.

With the ability to share your scores this game brings in the aspect of competitive play, providing the user an opportunity to not just challenge themselves but to challenge others.

Jun 252011
Description unavailable

Aww, look how sweet, those little bluebirds went for a picnic.

dun dun dun…..
Those angry green jealous pigs did it again and stole those sweet little pre-hatchling birds, and spoiled their summer fun! Now those Blue Birds are Angry Birds, and want their eggs back. Even if it takes turning some green pigs into green ham. So download your Angry Birds Season Updates, and get that Picnic Back on Track!

Jun 102011
Deferred Projects vs Voter Turnout

I just wanted to Thank You for signing into law, the Affiliate killing legislature that will do absolutely nothing to bring in extra revenue to the state. By taking the time to listen to Big Business in this state, and not actually do research yourself on how this Won’t have a positive impact on the state, you have fulfilled the role of your office well.

I sincerely hope prior to signing this law into affect that you truly checked with other states to see how big of an increase they saw in sales tax revenues by implementing this law. Then go down to the Arkansas Dept. of Revenue, and have them pull all the 1099’s that Amazon sent this last year in regards to its affiliates, and that they will be required to pay income tax on. And then deduct that from any hoped for increase in local sales tax, and tell me, do you truly think Arkansas will come out ahead?

Again, THANK YOU… for protecting Big Business.

Michael S Reid

May 312011

I attempted to download the Free Plants vs. Zombies from Amazon Appstore, and it is telling me currently not compatible for my Android O/S on HTC Aria with 2.2. Because it needs a wifi download. However, the catch is I am currently connected to WIFI.

UPDATED:  Login to Amazon Appstore from your p.c. or even the browser in your phone, and “purchase” the app, then goto you app list under the menu items, and download purchased apps. this works around the incompatible device issues.

Click Below, to add it to your queu, and get it installed on even Incompatible Devices!

Keep in mind this app is 75MB, make sure you get it moved over to your SD card!

help att pvz amazon

Apr 052011

Today I installed the free app of the day, Backbreaker Football from the Amazon Appstore onto my HTC Aria (rooted) pretty simple concept, tilt the phone to tell the runner which way to go to dodge the tackles, get points for style, and repeat, its done in waves, and your viewpoint is from behind the player.

unfortunately it doesn’t appear you can change this.

I’m not much of a football game fan, so maybe I’m not that thrilled, but this could be a good time waster for some.

Especially for free!


Tilt phone forward to start running

tap left or right to break tackles and gain extra points

above the right dodge, you can sprint or burst.

and then when you get past the tackles, you’ll see a stars option on the left

and you can rack up points the longer you showboat.

Mar 282011

Browse Amazon’s Appstore

This will give you a brief overview on How to Root the HTC Aria, aka HTC Intruder (A6366), it is easier then it looks!

Alright as most of you know, At&t, and the HTC Aria, along with several others, are very difficult to root. let alone enable third party installs. However, The following worked quite well for me.

Updated list, these steps should work for
HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G, and Samsung Captivate

Installing the Amazon marketplace is the easy part.
if you know how to use, Google’s ADB Package, you can simply enable USB Debugging and the offline installer, and you are good to go.
However after that if you do not enable non approved market installs, thats as far as you get, you will be able to browse the amazon market, but not actually be able to install anything.
if you are not familiar with using ADB – then follow these steps prior to installing Amazon Marketplace

Download the USB Drivers from unrevoked (YES! you need these, windows will detect your device as a usb drive, or a sync device, but it still needs to know how to talk to it as an android device.)

see their, HBoot drivers – and download and extract.
Installation –
1. Power off phone – leave plugged in to USB and in debugging mode.
2. Hold Volume and Power on. (you will see your phone boot into a special recovery mode, leave it in this mode)
3. goto Device Manager, and select Android Device 1.0
4: Right-Click and select Update Driver
5. Install the new hboot drivers.
6. Reboot Phone back to desktop make sure it is connected by USB again with usb drive support and USB Debugging turned on.

Now on the HTC Aria, you don’t actually need root access, just shell access. Which SuperOneClick 1.7 provides.
Download SuperOneClick v1.7 (Search around its out there) or post a comment with your email and I will send it to you.

Launch superoneclick and run the “shell root” option.
You may see some errors, however afterwards still run, enable non-market apps.
On my phone it showed as failed, for certain functions.  However, I attempted to download the free angry birds again, and it succeeded, I then attempted to download and install a couple more free apps, and they also worked.

As I stated above if you don’t know how to use Google’s ADB, and followed these steps then just goto amazon.com and request the download, and you will be able to download and install it directly through your phone