Oct 012011
Angry Birds

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Oh no the bad guys of Angry Birds Rio, are taking off with all the little colorful birds. please hurry and stop them!!  heh. alright little over the top but what the hay


Man was that last map on the first section hard, but with much todo, and a little extra flinging I got it.  it’s been forever since I posted so I thought I’d just make this quick entry, and also mention..


Aug 312011

Angry Birds Seasons  will be getting a September update Moon Festival modeled after the Chinese Season, but North America won’t be getting it first. The developer Rovio has established itself in China with new offices and new plans for their second biggest market including giving the Chinese first dibs on the next Seasons update.

Moon Festival is based on the Chinese mid-Autumn festival which includes elements familiar to Westerners such as paper lanterns and moon cakes. Though little is known about the actual gameplay of the Moon Festival episode, Rovio is marketing Angry Birds-themed moon cakes to the Chinese citizenry.

Angry Birds Seasons: Moon Festival should launch in September in China then worldwide. Rovio has not indicated how many levels, Golden Eggs, or Bosses their will be.

Aug 232011

Well August has come, and is almost gone, and no Angry Birds Update. Maybe after Labor Day, will we see blue birds, and yellow birds and Rio Birds fly!  Until then, post a comment on how many tries it took to get past 8-2.  It only took me oh about 75!

Jun 252011
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Aww, look how sweet, those little bluebirds went for a picnic.

dun dun dun…..
Those angry green jealous pigs did it again and stole those sweet little pre-hatchling birds, and spoiled their summer fun! Now those Blue Birds are Angry Birds, and want their eggs back. Even if it takes turning some green pigs into green ham. So download your Angry Birds Season Updates, and get that Picnic Back on Track!

Jun 182011
Fireworks on the Fourth of July, 2009; Happy B...

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I haven’t been able to find out yet, if there is going to be a Fourth of July Update for Angry Bird Seasons, but hey maybe if we ask nicely enough, those guys in Finland, will throw us a bone or a bird if they will, and give us some red white and blue goodness this Independance Day!

Jun 092011
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Update – Angry Birds Rio first half came out early June, we are still waiting for second half of the Carnival update.  I’ll update this post as soon as it does.

Angry Birds Rio’s next update is called Carnival, and if the previews are anything to go by its going to be F U N  Fun!!  I will post more as soon as it comes out!

— Angry Birds Rio – PC edition is not out.  however Angry Birds for Chrome the link to it can be found over here. Angry Birds for PC



— Here’s a post I found with some links to various walkthroughs!
Angry Birds Walkthroughs

don’t worry the June Update will be out soon!  The Angry Birds Team knows better then to disappoint!

I hope, else we may have to build some real slingshots, and huck a few at their offices!

Jun 062011

Update – Leave a comment below, let me know your opinion of the latest Update!

Update – Angry Birds Rio June Update Release June 11th.  However it is only the first half of the Carnival Update! grr!

Angry Bird‘s Rio – June update has not been released yet, matter fact after last month’s fiasco of everyone hounding them for the release, when it didn’t come out on May 1st, they changed the status of the future updates from showing a month, to simply saying coming soon.   Making it so we have to login every once in a while and see what the scoop is. Also Angry Birds Rio for PC, well I don’t have any info on that yet, but when I have time to look it up, I’ll post it here!

Click to goto Complete Walk-throughs for Angry Birds Rio’s Angry Birds Rio – Walkthough

May 282011

Well I have scoured the web, and still haven’t found out if Angry Birds Rio will be an early June release or a Mid-Month release! lets cross our fingers for an early release, I chewed up the May release in no time, just like Bowser ate all the beach balls!

May 152011

Yes Folks The May Update has arrived you can play on the beach, and watch for the suprise on the last level!

Product Features
Let the feathered artillery fly! Three fantastic episodes and 90 exciting levels await
Play through Rio-themed levels with a mixture of strategy, skill, and brute force
Put your Angry Birds skills to the ultimate test in spectacular boss fights
Find hidden secrets, win trophies, and earn coveted 3-star ratings on each level
Expect plenty more to come: episodic updates continue throughout 2011