Nov 142012
iPad 4R7 Backlight coil

Location of iPad 4R7 backlight coil

If you have a dim or dark screen on  your iPad device, then there is a possibility that the coil that fires up the backlight is faulty or burnt out.  In order to test this you will need to disassemble  your iPad 2 and access the 4R7 coil to see if this is the cause of the failure.  Now if you have an iPhone 4 it has a 6R8 Coil  you will need to test it to determine if this is the cause of your faulty iPhone 4 screen.  Any multi-meter should do the trick.  see the photo to identify the 4R7 Coil Location.

Feel free to comment below, or link to photos of your failed backlight coils.  I would be glad to have some extra photos showing my readers personal success stories.

This coil is susceptible to failure if your iPad screen is damaged or broken in a fall.  If the screen shorts its power connection during its replacement it will cause a surge in the 4R7 coil resulting in failure.  The only way to resolve this issue is to then either replace the coil. Or the logic board on which it resides.

I have also included a photo of the iPad mini backlight location.

Jul 102011
Alright the Ultimate Big Kids App for us that use to make paper airplanes, and imagine them as model rockets with unlimited range!
Product Description
paper glider
paper glider

This glider is big in Japan
Come Fly with Me

Prepare to soar through the sky! Paper Glider is a casual game with a simple objective – to fly a paper airplane as far as you can without crashing. Swiping the screen launches the glider out into the big wide world. Tapping the screen gives the glider a boost of wind, which alters the plane’s trajectory. But use this technique sparingly; you’re only allotted so much wind power.

Paper Plane Pro Shop

Paper Glider takes the humble art of paper airplane aeronautics to a whole new level. With each flight, you earn coins depending on how far your flight was. Spend these coins at the Boost Shop to make your glider a sleek flying machine.

Emergency Boost protects your glider from crashing. Rocket Boost sets your glider zooming for miles, while Mega Boost fires you off to a whole new environment in seconds. Get a Refill Wind pinwheel for when you’re running low on wind power. You can then use these enhancements in the Super Boost game mode, right after you clear the first yard.

Your coins are also good at the Glider Shop showroom. Display your airborne patriotism by flying with Old Glory, the Union Jack, the Rising Sun, or the flags of five other countries. Other designs include military camouflage, a lovely pink heart, and hot-rod flames.

You’re Cleared for Take-Off

The more you fly, the more you’ll become aware of the game’s subtle strategy. Experiment with different ways of throwing your glider; generally a strong launch helps. Make good use of the wind bar. Too many taps results in flying off the screen, but too few results in a crash. Try to “ride the wave” while airborne; this is the secret to long-distance flights.

When you’re ready to declare your Top Gun credentials, connect with the global leaderboards of OpenFeint to see who is really going the distance.

Please note that Paper Glider is not compatible with some older devices.