Nov 142012
iPad 4R7 Backlight coil

Location of iPad 4R7 backlight coil

If you have a dim or dark screen on  your iPad device, then there is a possibility that the coil that fires up the backlight is faulty or burnt out.  In order to test this you will need to disassemble  your iPad 2 and access the 4R7 coil to see if this is the cause of the failure.  Now if you have an iPhone 4 it has a 6R8 Coil  you will need to test it to determine if this is the cause of your faulty iPhone 4 screen.  Any multi-meter should do the trick.  see the photo to identify the 4R7 Coil Location.

Feel free to comment below, or link to photos of your failed backlight coils.  I would be glad to have some extra photos showing my readers personal success stories.

This coil is susceptible to failure if your iPad screen is damaged or broken in a fall.  If the screen shorts its power connection during its replacement it will cause a surge in the 4R7 coil resulting in failure.  The only way to resolve this issue is to then either replace the coil. Or the logic board on which it resides.

I have also included a photo of the iPad mini backlight location.

Jul 272011
Will Robson, Nottingham Carnival costume

Image via Wikipedia

Angry Birds Rio, has released an update this July, and I’m downloading it now, we’ll see if it contains the second half of Carnival!

Jul 102011
Alright the Ultimate Big Kids App for us that use to make paper airplanes, and imagine them as model rockets with unlimited range!
Product Description
paper glider
paper glider

This glider is big in Japan
Come Fly with Me

Prepare to soar through the sky! Paper Glider is a casual game with a simple objective – to fly a paper airplane as far as you can without crashing. Swiping the screen launches the glider out into the big wide world. Tapping the screen gives the glider a boost of wind, which alters the plane’s trajectory. But use this technique sparingly; you’re only allotted so much wind power.

Paper Plane Pro Shop

Paper Glider takes the humble art of paper airplane aeronautics to a whole new level. With each flight, you earn coins depending on how far your flight was. Spend these coins at the Boost Shop to make your glider a sleek flying machine.

Emergency Boost protects your glider from crashing. Rocket Boost sets your glider zooming for miles, while Mega Boost fires you off to a whole new environment in seconds. Get a Refill Wind pinwheel for when you’re running low on wind power. You can then use these enhancements in the Super Boost game mode, right after you clear the first yard.

Your coins are also good at the Glider Shop showroom. Display your airborne patriotism by flying with Old Glory, the Union Jack, the Rising Sun, or the flags of five other countries. Other designs include military camouflage, a lovely pink heart, and hot-rod flames.

You’re Cleared for Take-Off

The more you fly, the more you’ll become aware of the game’s subtle strategy. Experiment with different ways of throwing your glider; generally a strong launch helps. Make good use of the wind bar. Too many taps results in flying off the screen, but too few results in a crash. Try to “ride the wave” while airborne; this is the secret to long-distance flights.

When you’re ready to declare your Top Gun credentials, connect with the global leaderboards of OpenFeint to see who is really going the distance.

Please note that Paper Glider is not compatible with some older devices.

Jul 092011
Product Description
days left widget

Keep track of important dates
buying option

120 fun icons
Count Down to Your Destiny

Do you want to count down the days until a game or gadget release? Have you ever forgotten an important date, such as your mom or girlfriend’s birthday? Want to see when an important meeting occurs at a glance? Then Days Left Widget should be on your Android device’s home screen.

Customize the Countdown

Days Left Widget has several useful settings. Customize the countdown to mark the days, weekdays (Monday through Friday), weeks, months, or years left to the event. Add notes to the event, and you can have the notes appear on the widget. Days Widget also counts the days after an event has occurred.

Days Left Widget comes in four sizes with 10 border colors. Decorate your widget from a selection of 120 icons. Set as many widgets as you can fit on your home screen. Days Left Widget offers the option of integration with the Catch Notes app, a handy app that allows you to create text or voice notes, attach photos and geotags, set up password protection, and much more.

T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

With Days Left Widget, you’ll never miss an important event again. Set up a daily countdown to New Year’s Eve, Christmas, your birthday, or to a random day just because you like daily countdowns. Days Left Widget adds both convenience and fun anticipation to the important days in your calendar.

Please note that Days Left Widget must be launched from the Widgets menu.

Jun 252011
Description unavailable

Aww, look how sweet, those little bluebirds went for a picnic.

dun dun dun…..
Those angry green jealous pigs did it again and stole those sweet little pre-hatchling birds, and spoiled their summer fun! Now those Blue Birds are Angry Birds, and want their eggs back. Even if it takes turning some green pigs into green ham. So download your Angry Birds Season Updates, and get that Picnic Back on Track!

Jun 202011
Angry Birds

Angry Birds Rio, has not advertised a release time for July, at this point we fully expect that the second half of the Carnival update will be released in July, much to our chagrin.

Update July 3rd – I still haven’t seen the second half of Carnival on my phone, here’s hoping its soon, I need my Angry Birds.. Shout out if you do to!

However until then we’ll attempt to master the first half of the Carnival Update!

Update: October, Been out of the loop, not sure when it came out, but just downloaded the latest update to my HTC, and looks like we have the second half of Airfield Chase ready to go! looking forward to slinging some fowl at the boss on this one!

— Angry Birds Rio – PC edition is not out.  however Angry Birds for Chrome the link to it can be found over here.Angry Birds for PC

— Here’s a post I found with some links to various walkthroughs!
Angry Birds Walkthroughs

Let’s get creative guys, and give us something unique!

Jun 182011
Fireworks on the Fourth of July, 2009; Happy B...

Image via Wikipedia

I haven’t been able to find out yet, if there is going to be a Fourth of July Update for Angry Bird Seasons, but hey maybe if we ask nicely enough, those guys in Finland, will throw us a bone or a bird if they will, and give us some red white and blue goodness this Independance Day!

Jun 162011
Angry Birds

Image by via Flickr

Angry Birds
by Rovio
The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake.

Full Description

NOTICE: Angry Birds requires OpenGL 1.3 or later to run. Devices that do not support OpenGL 1.3 are not supported. The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortifications. Angry Birds features hours and hours of challenging physics-based demolition gameplay, with lots of replay value. Each level requires a mixture of logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy. Features 225 levels and lots and lots of Angry Birds! Protect wildlife and save Angry Birds! “Lemme tell ya, these ain’t no ordinary finches we’re talkin’ about. These here are the Angry Birds, the ones that’s gonna kick you in the ‘nads. And they’re the ones on your side. They must be from Galapadapados, or sumptin’.” – Col. Angus, Bird Expert. Follow us on Twitter for Angry Birds updates: Become a fan of Angry Birds on Facebook: Buy Angry Birds plush toys:

Customer Reviews (103)
Works superbly on netbook!
by James –

Mouse controls work great, graphics are great. Hooray for Angry Birds on Windows!!
loving bigger birds!!!
by Paula –

Now I have birds on all my platforms – great experience on windows using the trackpad
by Orwei –

The best application
Fantastic on my netbook!
by James –

Easy to control and launch the little birds with mouse or trackpad. Tons of levels, too!
Best game ever!
by David –

This has got to be the most addicting game ever!
by Jennifer –

Just like the iPod and Android game. Glad that I can finally play without worrying about a battery dieing.
Hi resolution!
by Brian –

I was expecting some pixelated upconversion of the ipad or android apps. I was wrong! The game looks AWESOME on 1920×1080, cant wait to try it on 2560×1600 at home. $5-no-brainer-purchase.
Can I give it 6 stars
by Bob –

Piggies be warned this works great on a netbook and laptop.
very best game
by Istvan –

I by Matias –

awesome as usually but a bit boring on pc its better on phone 😛
AWESOME ! ! ! !
by Jason –

Love this game on my iPhone and NOW on my laptop too!!!!!!!
On all three of my gadgets now, and love it
by John –

The port to windows far exceedes my expectations. The mouse controls are great and the graphics are amazing.
At long last
by Gary –

Thank you Intel and to the people that kept pushing them to get Angry Birds on the store. This is even better than the phone version. Workplaces will never be the same
birds everywhere!!!
by Gokhan –

we know what they are, we know what they do… now its time to do the same on our netbooks 🙂
Rovio stop taking my money!
by Theodore S –

Angry Birds iPhone, Angry Birds Seasons, the Mighty Eagle now Angry Birds for PC??? Stop taking my money! I never heard of the Intel AppUp before until I heard this would be launched. I love this game, my kids love this game. A bit different from the touch screen interface but the mouse/trackpad makes it more precise. Also has fantastic resolution on my laptop screen. I can’t wait to plug it to my TV! You can bet productivity around the globe will grind to a halt! A must have game for all ages!
Best game
by Tobias –

Love this game!
angry birds
by josu –

by Joni –

Wow…. not!!! I just paid for this app, which does not work !!!! Error! Texture is too large: 2048×2048, maximum supported size: 1024×1024
by Pedro –

Not as fun as the iTouch one, but still a really good game
Works perfectly on Win7 x64 in 1920×1200
by Kenneth –

FINALLY available on a REAL platform! Looks great (no rotten upscaling) in 1920×1200 on a 24″ screen, and the mouse is the perfect tool for launching the feathery little devils. 🙂 Gets boring rather quickly, but still better than most (or all) other games in the genre, mostly thanks to being funny.
Hurray for Angry Birds on PC!!
by Eric –

I’ve played this game on iPhone for the past year and am STOKED it’s on PC now, too. My only complaint is that you can’t zoom out all the way when you’re aiming the birds.
Especially awesome for netbooks
by Vladimir –

Enjoying this fun game on my netbook. Graphics are nice, sounds and voices complement the game and make it even more interesting. Glad I bought. A+++
Erdem Cengiz
by Erdem –

It is really the best game ever!
by Mike –

I have this installed on my Windows 7 PC and it looks and plays amazingly well! So addictive! Great job!
Brilliant, again.
by Christopher –

Having played Angry Birds on the iPhone for a year now, I’ve been itching to try it out on a big screen. It looks so great on my new netbook. It’s just so much fun when you have a few minutes to spare, and in HD, with a smooth and consistent frame rate – it’s awesome! Angry Birds are conquering the world.
Great Game but Problems with AppUp
by Torben –

I Downloaded the App and installed it, after Install i became an Error Message wich says that there was a Problem and i have to download it again. But downloading it again is noch possible, it just dont want to work. After rebooting my System the Game is installed and working, but not shown under My Apps in AppUp
by Reuven –

I have it on my Droid X and now PC. Smart game.
Angry Birds won’t run on my laptop.
by Ronald –

I’ve been in touch with Roxio and Intel AppUp, and neither have been of any help. Fortunately AppUp has a 24-hour window for you to cancel purchases. FYI – running Win 7 64-bit Home Premium, with an Intel Core i7-620M processor, and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 graphics card.. Other people don’t seem to be having any problems, but as they say, caveat emptor.
Awesome game
by Zachary –

Full screen high def look on windows 7!!
No go on Radeon Xpress 1150
by Aaron –

Dell Latitude 131L running radeon xpress 1150 (older chipset graphics) has the texture error. I’m running the latest AMD catalyst suite for legacy (10.2), still no go. Oh well, runs on my other machines!
spotty support for 64-bit but who cares, it’s on PC!
by Eric D –

works awesome on my win7-64 enterprise notebook hooked to a 24in LCD just great but seems others may have problems with devices running 64-bit. i don’t think it’s officially supported for 64-bit. switched to my win7 dell inspiron duo netbook/tablet hybrid and loved the touch screen interaction. so did my 4yr-old god-son. so awesome. so fun. here piggie piggie…
by david –

texture too big 2048×2048 maximum size supported: 1024×1024 doesn’t seem worth $5. fix this and let me play. i have 3 stars on all levels on my android, i would liek to play it full screen on my computer.
Go get those pigs!
by paul –

Installed on my PC with 1920×1200 – runs perfectly smooth, no problems whatsoever. This game is really fun on the PC! The mouse is ideal for flinging the birds against the pigs. On the big screen I can see the cool animations much better than on my Android phone. But be warned this game is a time killer!
by Johan –

Available on PC! It’s a great game, that I usually play on HtC Desire Android Phone!
by Belkin –

exelent game
Angry Bugs
by Clifton –

Doesn’t even work on my ASUS netbook. Boooo texture errors! Curious to see if AppUp provides free updates to games/apps. Hopefully this is fixed soon. 1-star given to a nice looking icon… which is about all I got for my $5.
BeST GaMe EVeR!!!!
by Marc –

Nothing more to add! Get it!
Awesome birds!
by Vijay –

Now I can play where every i want! including my office 😉
Best Game Ever!!
by Neil Ross –

Angry Birds for PC is the best game ever! When I’m at home, I’ll be playing it on my PC. And when I’m on-the-go, I’ll play it on my N8. More levels to come! 😀
great game
by Thomas –

couldnt buy it on android and saw that it was on pc and mac. I dont own a mac so i had to buy it on the PC. will buy it or download it on any platform it is released on. Will buy the angry pigs game when that comes out too. Great game.
best game ever
by dale –

it’s so fun ,but it is adictave you will spend hours on it
best game in the universe
by Richard –

has no equal
Cool appl
by ggg –

Cool appl
Angry Birds on Dell mini 9
by PAUL –

I have liked Angry Birds since I got my first android device & was waiting for it to be available for other platforms. At last its here for windows xp on my Dell mini 9. Device needed restarting after install but other than that it works great. Angry Birds on a bigger screen is superb. 🙂 Well done Rovio, only waiting for the Angry Birds Nintendo DS game to make the kids happy now.
Got addicted on iPad at a friends.
by Kassandra –

Now have it on my laptop! Can’t get enough!!
A epic game
by Matthew G. Edwards –

EPIC EPIC EPIC A three word review
Doesn’t work on Aspire 1…. Stupid Textue Error
by Lee –

Ok, I just paid 5 bucks for this game that is worthless that just simply WORKS on my iphone. Why didn’t anyone do any testing prior to launching this product….. Angry CONSUMER…. ARF!!!! Hmmm back to the platform that works….. AHHHH thank you Iphone. Wish we could give negative starts….. Avoid until they actually test this product……
by Diane –

If I could give it no stars I would. I can’t run it as I get two seperate errors.. never the same one each time I try. The suggestions in the forums to fix it didn’t work for me, I got an error message when I tried to contact the deveoper and I cancelled and uninstalled it and STILL got a bill!! Major fail!
Too Much Fun!!
by Darnell –

This has to be one of the best games ever created! A great mix between problem solving, math (angles), and pure entertainment. I would reccomend this game to anyone!
Finally on PC
by Phil –

Classic game simple yet has that “just one more go” thing thats missing in so many games these days 🙂
Doesn’t launch
by Matevz –

Not working for me, and am not really happy about that. Texture is too large: 2048×2048.
Great Game
by Greg –

This game is awsome. You can’t stop playing.
Great puzzle game
by Jason –

Fantastic and funny was to pass the hours.
This Game Rocks
by Mrinmay –

Playing Angry Birds from past many Hours and just wanted to say THIS GAME ROCKS. The graphics are awesome and the game is Highly Addictive. Please play as the survival of Angry Birds is at stake 😛
I wish…
by Allyson –

I wish I’d read the reviews before downloading. Same texture error. Won’t run. Waste of time and money.
by Bence –

Great! Sometimes it lags with my slow computer, but other programs too (not onyl games, programs). Good gameplay, great and simple idea, the only negative can be the music in the brackground, but it is OK, too.
by John –

Purchased and installed. Getting “texture is too large…” error – reported elsewhere – no fix found so far. DO NOT PURCHASE UNTIL THIS IS FIXED.
Broken Garbage, Texture errors!!! Waste of money!
by Edward –

I updated my video driver and edited the LUA file and the game still does not work. Pretty bogus for a $5 game.
Great Game
by Thomas R –

Now just add a level editor
Waste of money
by David –

Win 7, 32 bit70, radian 5770. also getting texture too large and ADP error couple of times. Until fixed, Intel’s AppUp should be scrapped……..
by Brad –

Good game
wont run
by Gabe –

the title says it all
Works very well on my laptop!!
by Jon –

Rovio did it again!! After purchasing Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons for my iPod Touch, I now have Angry Birds on my laptop!! The game runs very smoothly on my system, and the graphics look great on my 14″ screen. The gameplay is very addictive, as once you start playing, you don’t want to stop!! Thanks Rovio!!!
by Jan –

Now even on PC. Good stuff.
Good app
by Arvi –

I love this game!!!!
looks like a old broken tv
by David –

was very excited and ignored all the bad comments but it looks like an old broken tv kinda upset about spending money please fix or message back to say how to fix
Angry Birds
by Jeramie –

I love this game I got it on my droid and now I got it for the PC, Awesome work guys, keep up the great game I am hooked!
I don’t get it?
by Tero –

Many free online flash-games are much more diverse than this. I was hoping that the PC version would be somewhat better, but sorry. Still the same game, controls are little bit better and game works faster, but comes with higher price tag.
by Johan –

Yes! Works well with win 7 touch interface on my tablet netbook!
Insanely addictive game
by Marcelo –

Great game!
by David –

Awesome with awesomesauce on top.
by Valeriy –

echt der Hammer
by Bodo –

kannte ich schon vom Handy
Works great with a touch screen!

Got this for my Windows 7 PC with 20″ touch screen… playing it on my PC feels like I am playing it on a giant iPhone! Great game!
Great Time Killer
by Quang –

When you have nothing to do all day.
Doesn’t work
by Scott –

Windows 7 64bit won’t run – I get a strobe effect and am still recovering from the headache – ouch! Refund anyone??
Spiel gut, Grafik schlecht
by Klaus –

Leider “springt” das Bild teilweise nach einem Schuss sofort wieder nach links auf die Abschussrampe zurück ohne dass man erst sehen kann, was eigentlich alles umgefallen ist. Das ist sehr ärgerlich, weil man ständig damit beschäftigt ist, das Bild wieder nach rechts zu schieben. Beim iPhone App besteht dieses Problem nicht. So machts mir fast keinen Spaß. Hoffentlich gibts da mal ein Update. Dann gibts auch mehr Sterne.
Best game ever!
by Ben –

This game is sooo awesome, I can’t stop playing it!
Waiting is over – finally
by Jette –

By accident I stumbled across this Intel AppUp site and there it was: my favourite game now available for WInOS … It works perfect and is a lot more fun to play on a netbook than on the phone … Love it – thanx Rovio …
Screen flickers on a HD TV
by Abhinav –

The game plays fine on my laptops but when I play this on a pc connected to a 1080P tv the screen flickers constantly 1920×1080. Tried lowering the resolution same issue but I keep getting a message stating it works best on 1024×600???? even though the resolution is actually much higher. I dont have a setting 1024×600
by Jeffrey –

this is a great app i rate it 5 stars its just like the ones on nokia palm android iphone ipad and ipod touch
best game ever
by Dylan –

In my opinion the Angry Birds video game is one of the BEST most fun games, i own it on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Mac, and PC. This game never gets old! The more and more i play i feel like i need to be locked up because i have been obsessed!
by Erdal –

it is fantastic game, my son and me getting addict it;)
by Robert –

works great on a touch tablet pc
Awesome for Notebooks & Netbooks
by Shabbir –

Great game for my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. Nice way to pass time, without worrying about your graphics card being good enough to run it. Does not run on my Android Samsung Spica phone though !
Best Game Ever
by Thomas –

This is game is the best! I read the reviews about all the problems people have been having. I took a chance and have not had any probles myself. The game installed quick and I was kiling piggies in no time. Windows 7 i7 870 Processer ATI Radeon HD 5450 Video Card 8GB RAM
Poor Screen quality.
by John –

I’ve downloaded and redownloaded this game. Still when activated the screen flickers so badly It is impossible to play.
Best Game Ever!
by Scott –

We love Angry Birds and are happy it is available for our laptops! We were always draining our cellphones and iPods all the time so this is fabulous! Great graphics and excellent controls. Makes the game even better and we cannot get enough of it! Definitely worth the download, we highly recommend it!!!! DIE PIGS DIE! lol 🙂
Almost *too* addicting
by Allen –

My particular android phone was too slow. So I went searching and this had been released that day. Joy. Cant wait for Wii, xbox360, ds versions. i will get them all.. as well as a better phone someday.
by Brett –

totally a addicting and aggravating game. worth the money
Angry Birds
by Dean –

One of the most addicting games ever!!!
Insanely addictive!
by Johan –

I have Angry birds seasons on my Android, and I fell in love with it from the very first moment. As a sight impaired person I needed the game on Windows to see better what I do, so I really think it is a briliant game with a lot of playability!
Love it!!
by Cassie –

I love this game just can’t get enough!
Angry Birds PC Version Review
by Amanda –

I downloaded Angry Birds from App Up as I love the game on the Iphone and I really wanted to try it on the PC platform. I didn’t think it would be amazingly good like the Ipod version but I was surprised that it was really easy and simple to use, the graphics are great and it is just as if not better than the Ipod version, if you like games that take time and skill then this is worth the whole £4. 5 stars from me 🙂
by Ben –

by diane –

Great Game in its simplicity
by Ari –

5 Stars
CRAZY Awesome
by Jorge –

Awesome Addicting GAME!!
Vertical Hold
by joe –

This is aweful, there a lines running down the screen and you cant play the game.
by Mihaela –

This game is great, I’ve been playing it for days with no errors or problems, already have it on the iPhone, it’s fun!
by lance –

just bought a hp slate and this doesn’t work due to screen resolution.
Best Funniest Game… after Worms…
by Cristi –

Best Funniest Game… after Worms…
Best game ever
by Alexander –

I absolutely love this game none can compaire

Jun 132011
A Carnival Costume in Trinidad's Carnival

Image via Wikipedia

Carnival should be just a tad bit more exciting, I almost feel as if this level was rushed. Could they have been maybe a little more excited about it. There were barely any bluebirds, or bomb birds. And what was with the Freak out oh my god stop any forward progress bird!

Jun 112011
Angry Birds

Image by via Flickr

Wow, look there’s a carnival in my phone! err a carnival update to my Angry Birds Rio, has just hit my AT&T Aria phone! Guess what I’ll be doing the next few hours!

Did they really fit Carnival in my phone?!?

It sure looks that way, confetti and all!