Jun 202011
Angry Birds

Angry Birds Rio, has not advertised a release time for July, at this point we fully expect that the second half of the Carnival update will be released in July, much to our chagrin.

Update July 3rd – I still haven’t seen the second half of Carnival on my phone, here’s hoping its soon, I need my Angry Birds.. Shout out if you do to!

However until then we’ll attempt to master the first half of the Carnival Update!

Update: October, Been out of the loop, not sure when it came out, but just downloaded the latest update to my HTC, and looks like we have the second half of Airfield Chase ready to go! looking forward to slinging some fowl at the boss on this one!

— Angry Birds Rio – PC edition is not out.  however Angry Birds for Chrome the link to it can be found over here.Angry Birds for PC

— Here’s a post I found with some links to various walkthroughs!
Angry Birds Walkthroughs

Let’s get creative guys, and give us something unique!

Jun 132011
A Carnival Costume in Trinidad's Carnival

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Carnival should be just a tad bit more exciting, I almost feel as if this level was rushed. Could they have been maybe a little more excited about it. There were barely any bluebirds, or bomb birds. And what was with the Freak out oh my god stop any forward progress bird!

Jun 112011
Angry Birds

Image by ilamont.com via Flickr

Wow, look there’s a carnival in my phone! err a carnival update to my Angry Birds Rio, has just hit my AT&T Aria phone! Guess what I’ll be doing the next few hours!

Did they really fit Carnival in my phone?!?

It sure looks that way, confetti and all!

Jun 062011

Update – Leave a comment below, let me know your opinion of the latest Update!

Update – Angry Birds Rio June Update Release June 11th.  However it is only the first half of the Carnival Update! grr!

Angry Bird‘s Rio – June update has not been released yet, matter fact after last month’s fiasco of everyone hounding them for the release, when it didn’t come out on May 1st, they changed the status of the future updates from showing a month, to simply saying coming soon.   Making it so we have to login every once in a while and see what the scoop is. Also Angry Birds Rio for PC, well I don’t have any info on that yet, but when I have time to look it up, I’ll post it here!

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